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A replay of our recent Webinar on the Autonomous Digital Enterprise with Ram Chakravarti, Chief Technology Officer here at BMC, is now available for those that missed it or who want to share with colleagues:



In this Webinar, Ram talks about:


  • In the short term: How to adjust, anticipate, and acknowledge changing business conditions caused by the current global pandemic and resulting economic slowdown.
  • Longer-term: Why companies will need to change the way they operate and use technology to thrive in the years to come.
  • Why agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights are the three key traits of successful Autonomous Digital Enterprises.
  • The five technology enablers that will help your organization on its journey to an Autonomous Digital Enterprise: Transcendent Customer Experience, Automation Everywhere, Enterprise DevOps, Data-driven Business, and Adaptive Cybersecurity.
  • How BMC’s solutions align and support each of the enablers.
  • Autonomous Digital Enterprise is not just for customers, it’s a roadmap for BMC as well.


And answers a few questions around the early Autonomous Digital Enterprise use cases and customer examples.


One question that was posted, but we did not get it in the webinar itself:


How does RPA fit into the BMC strategy?


RPA is uniquely placed to help business managers achieve hyper-automation without the need to heavily depend on IT schedules for delivery. We partner with RPA vendors – such as Automation Everywhere – to make capabilities available or compatible with solutions such as BMC Helix ITSM.


If you’ve got questions about the Autonomous Digital Enterprise and how it might help you, please ask by dropping a comment below.