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Using Communities

278 posts

Last Friday, the post was obviously a joke.

We had many of you interacted (behind the scene) with our team about what we said, and we all had a good and healthy laugh.


You'll be happy to know that many of the datapoints were true!

Survey engagement and CSAT

We eventually had 894 responses. Thanks all for sharing with us



Overall rating of BMC Communities


You gave a 4.11 average answer to "how satisfied are you with BMC Communities". (1-to-5 rating)

It ranks as high as YouTube mobile app, thanks a lot for such nice feedback!

Thanks to all of you, who create successes, 24x7 on BMC Communities.


We asked the Product Community you used most.



Your Goals on BMC Communities

We want BMC Communities to be useful for you, so we asked to rank your purpose/reason to use BMC Communities.


Main Reasons to use BMC Communities


As a summary, collaborating with others, peer-to-peer or with BMC Teams, is your main goal (to learn from experience, find Use Cases, solve problems and more)


For each of these purpose, you also shared your CSAT.

  • All of them (except one) were rated between 3.7 or 4.0
  • The only one that had a low (3.1) rating , "Stay informed on Training Opportunities", is something we knew beforehand, and is already being worked on, BMC Customer Success (consulting, education, and support) is in the process of engaging and delighting you for this very topic (thanks Heather Leventry for leading this initiative)


We then computed your success rate when going on BMC Communities, and landed at an exciting 92% (up from 90% 1 year ago -- btw, we're up on all KPIs compared to this survey)



Communities Features

All of you were really positive for most of the features we listed:

  1. Finding your product community
  2. Interacting on discussions, blogs, documents, etc.
  3. Posting a discussion, document, idea, etc.
  4. Searching resources and experts


The features where you rated lowest (or picked N/A for many of you) were:

  • Using your Communities Inbox
  • Interacting from mobile device


Actions on our side to improve your experience (and/or awareness, so that nobody picks N/A when we run the survey again in 6 months):

  1. With the Communities upgrade late Feb (after we launched the survey), we improved Search Experience, and introduced an easy and powerful mobile responsive design (allowing you to engage on BMC Communities from Chrome mobile or Safari mobile - you can even add it to your phone Home Page)
  2. We'll post resources explaining how to use your Community Inbox (from laptop or mobile) and become far more productive than using Email (even if we still want to continue to support Email for the foreseeable future, allowing many different work-styles to efficiently collaborate on BMC Communities)


Are we on the right track?


Communities Programs

We run many Programs on BMC Communities, with several teams helping everybody to succeed.

You gave great CSAT (bigger than 4 on the 1-to-5 star rating) for the following Programs:


The only Program you rated badly (below 3.5) is Local Events.

As a matter of fact, we do not have such Program yet

Would it help you if Communities activity would happen before the Event (awareness, collaboration on agenda, etc.), and after the Event (continuing the conversations, posting slidedecks and engaging, drafting together the next agenda, etc.)


You also said to us that awareness on the existing Program should improve (for 46% of you).

We already notify Community members (for each Product) when a program (like a Beta Program) touches a given product.

Could you please give examples of other things we could do to help you all be even more aware of these Programs?


Next Steps

In the next days/weeks,


Something that was not clearly mentioned yet. We're working closely with BMC Product Documentation community (very active for many products) to provide even more synergies for you all.


And to finalize, please all take your phone away from your pocket (or do you have it already? ), and open from Chrome mobile or Safari mobile. Log in. What do you think?


In the past weeks, we've been analyzing  feedback you gave on BMC Communities Early 2016 Survey.

I'm (very) excited to share initial results today (more will come in the next weeks), focusing for now on 3 topics:


Overall satisfaction

We're delighted by the rating you gave, 4.1 out of 5.

Not as High as Angry Birds (ok, we don't compete with games), but as high as the very famous Skype app (technology I probably use the most, along with Google Hangouts, to interact with many of you).



Rating of BMC Communities is all-time high

Currently as high as Skype (4.1)


You make the Community successful, thank you a lot for being active on it!

I was so happy about this result that I just asked my mgr for 5 weeks off to celebrate that!

I may need your help so that such (very French) vacations are accepted, please comment with ways I could pitch that to him.


Mobile first

Regarding features on BMC Communities, you were all very happy with:

  • finding your product community,
  • posting (your own content),
  • interacting (on content from others)

The capability that had the lowest score was mobile access.

Interestingly enough, you gave a rating of 3.14159. Yes, rating equals "pi", exactly!


We were aware of such mobile limitation beforehand, and the release we made late Feb (while the survey was still up) addressed many concerns regarding mobile access. We now get between 4% and 18% of mobile traffic each day (week-ends are higher as you can guess)




We know we still have gaps, and we want you all to share your experience with mobile responsive design (Marketing buzzword to say "enjoy site directly by using your phone browser to go on a site")


Hope is not a strategy, so a friend tipped me on the best way to make sure that you all give feedback.

We'll force you

Starting next Monday, we'll shut down usual web access, and only allow phone access.

Get ready today:

  • On your phone, start Chrome mobile or Safari mobile, and go on
  • Check out the mobile Home Page, show it off to your closest colleague (bonus points if he/she does the same steps)
  • Then you can go wild:
    • Log in (usual BMC Communities username and password -- we've not applied SSO yet, stay tuned)
    • Check your Inbox. and Your content
    • Try and create a Status Update and @mention Michael Hoover (let's spam him a little bit, for the fun of it -- he's been helping us a lot these past months to grow maturity on mobile access, so deserves some stalking)
    • Search for this very blog post
    • You worked hard (even if that was easy, it was very productive ), you can have a break. 10 minutes are fully deserved. A small walk outside? (ohhh, you can even take your phone with you to finalize these steps while resting in the sun)
  • Add a comment about how easy/fun (or frustrating) your experience was, using your mobile

This experiment will run for 1 month (or more if we do not have enough comments), and we'll share feedback with you all after that.


BMC Communities also goes into physical world

When giving feedback about the Programs on BMC Communities (Betas, R&D and Support Blog posts, BMC Engage, ideation...), you were positive (or very positive) on all of them (all of them scored more than 3.3, on the usual 1-to-5 scoring).


You also shared what we could do to improve value of these Programs. And by far, the biggest feedback was "increase awareness".


A team brainstormed about best way to achieve that:

  • We do not want to spam you with Emails (that would not be very Digital ).
  • On the other hand, we want such resource to be very special for you all, so decided for something memorable:
    • we'll print out a 1-pager, describing the Programs on BMC Communities
    • we'll use postal mail to deliver it to you
  • Please post a picture, in Off Topic, of this A4 paper (yeah, printed in Europe) pinned above your desk (or bed, or where ever it is for you)



Let's wrap this up.

I suspect that the next weeks/months will be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for more details about the survey, and more!



Last Fall, many of you participated in our BMC Customer Survey, which we run twice per year to gather feedback on BMC and how we can improve.  In a few weeks, we’ll be conducting the survey again but wanted to provide you with some highlights and improvements since last October.


Your feedback highlighted that the quality of our products, their value to your business, and prompt and effortless support are three of the most important factors to you.  We have improved in all three of these areas over the past year, and we will continue to focus on driving improvements to provide you with the best customer experience possible.


Below are some examples of areas where we have already started to take action on your survey feedback:


  • Adding more 'how to' videos and detailed, real-world best practices for using our products to our technical documentation. In 2015, over 200 new videos were created.
  • Improvements to the 'Request for Enhancement' / Ideas process, including a BMC response to all ideas submitted, new stage names to clearly indicate where an idea is in the process, and commitment from Product Management to provide an active response to the top 15% of Ideas as part of release planning.
  • Un-gated technical product documentation to make it easier to find and use.
  • Launched a new personalized Support Central homepage with improved issue management and a best in class search engine.
  • Implementation of dispatch swarming in our support department has led to a 50% reduction in Median Days to Close for Remedy support issues.
  • Security landing page on provides a central hub to monitor security alerts, impacted BMC products, and remediation.
  • Improved browser compatibility across our websites and web applications.
  • New 'contact-us' pages that are easier to find and use.
  • Improved single sign-on across our websites and web applications.
  • Google site search integrated into giving customers results from Communities,, blogs and in a Google format.


If you participated in our survey last fall, we would like to thank you for your time. It is critical for our success to measure which of our initiatives have brought about positive change and also identify areas of further improvement.


Please comment on how these actions have helped your business.



The survey will be available again next month, please take the time to share your thoughts on our progress.


Where are we?

We're still collecting results on the BMC Communities Early 2016 Survey

If you have not taken it yet, it's still time (it will be closed in a couple of days)


For now, with 770+ responses already, we received a lot of positive feedback:

  • Overall satisfaction is great (a very high majority would recommend BMC Communities to your peers)
  • Percentage of daily/weekly users increases (compared to the last surveys)
  • Most of you are very comfortable with the technical capabilities (searching content, posting, interacting, finding your product community...)
  • Most of you are very satisfied with the Programs running on Communities (Betas, R&D Blogs...), BMC Engage leading the pack

We'll share far more about survey results in the next weeks.

We're learning a lot of things, helping us to shape & validate 2017 roadmap.

You're also giving honest feedback about areas of improvements: (thanks, this transparency helps us all to win-win)

  • technical capabilities: mobile usage ranks the lowest
  • Programs: ideation, even if it satisfies most of you (it's sure far better than a black box RFE process), sometimes creates concerns.


Good news is that we were prepared to such improvement items, and we included them in our roadmap some time ago already


What will happen in the next 2 weeks?


BMC Communities will enjoy a series of technical + User Experience improvements, that will build on successes, and also directly address some of the gaps, or enable us to address the issues further in the next weeks/months.


Let's unveil a couple of them:


Mobile becomes the norm

First, we're introducing a fully responsive design, that will enable you all to view resources in a fast and seamless manner, and also post content, or interact from your phone, with your mobile browser.


See a teaser of what Michael Hoover validated with us:


Quick access to Inbox, creating posts, searching, and more!



Your Stuff

We know it's critical for you to quickly access discussions you've created, or documents you've interacted on.

You also told us that it would be really helpful to have a quick way to find Product Communities you care about, or groups you're part of.


Both of these capabilities will now appear when you click on your profile (see on the above mobile screenshot for example - Your Content and Your Places), making access quicker than ever.



News you may want to know

The volume of content and interactions on BMC Communities is impressive (globally or even in each of the Top 15 Communities).

So trying to be aware of everything is a daunting task (and probably not best use of anybody's time)

  • Your Communities Inbox is obviously something you want to monitor closely (people interacting on your content, people talking about you, invites to groups, new followers, etc. -- see Notifications Tips for BMC Communities)
  • You probably just "follow" a lot of communities or group, but without being notified (the case when you follow in "Connections Stream", the default way to follow)

What if we used some Digital magic to personalize your experience?

  • Resources that are hot and recent
  • Resources on topics that you care about (based on communities & groups you follow, or Custom Streams that you created)


We'll be introducing "News" in the next weeks, and will work with you all to tune it to your needs.

To learn (and ask) more about News, feel free right here.



Search ... and find even faster!

You've been giving very positive feedback these past years on the quick search (quickly listing content, but also people and communities or groups).

  • What if Search was trying to guess things you're searching for even before you type? (suggesting content, people and places - based on your recent activities)
  • What if you didn't have to scroll down to see people or place? (I know it's currently a pain for many of you .. for me too )


All these UX improvements (making the 80% of your searches far quicker) will be embedded in the new Search capability

To learn (and ask) more about Search, go here


Many simplifications & productivity helpers

  • Your Communities Inbox is now called .... Inbox. (yep, we preferred clarity over poetry)
  • Icons giving more clues on what content (blog, document, but also now PPT, Excel, etc.)
  • Profile giving quicker access to see background/expertise of Community member
  • And a lot more!


What's Next

Outage for the maintenance will happen this week-end:

  • Starting on Friday 26th at 6pm Pacific time (aka 7:30am IST on Saturday),
  • Continuing on Saturday till around 9am PST (11pm IST)


Should you want to follow "live" how things are moving, check out @BMCCommunities on Twitter.


How does it sound to you?


Every 6 months, we're launching a survey to see how BMC Communities helps you, and could achieve even better.


Here is the 3-min survey


You can see results from early 2015, and mid 2015.

These surveys helped us improve BMC Communities in many ways:

  • Simplification of Product communities
  • Easier navigation (home page, and top header)
  • More resources from Experts
  • More focus on key Programs (like Betas or Engage) that help you succeed better/faster

And on all these items, new things will happen in the next weeks.

Let's start again in 2016.


3-min survey


By completing this survey (*), you'll participate in a drawing, with the following prizes:

(*) BMC Employees will not be part of the drawing, only Customers, Partners, Independent Consultants, Prospects, and Analysts are.


The survey will end week of Feb 22nd.

Take it now


Hello BMC Communities family!


It is that time of the year when it starts to feel a lot like Christmas and we cannot wait to take a strong leap together into 2016.


Your contributions, engagements and discussions keep this piece of real estate lively and we would like to thank you all for your passion in this continued success.


It is in this spirit we say…

Comm Finall.jpg

Thank you for this warm association with us. We wish the coming year brings joy to you and to your loved ones. Happy Holidays!


Now to the fun part…


Here’s a video highlighting a few of our communities members.



We call this game, ‘spotted’. If you find your friends in the video, just tag them in the comments sections.


Do you think you can spot them all?


See you in 2016!


A resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something” and in the beginning of each year, many of us identify ways to improve ourselves or our surroundings and make “firm decisions” to act on them.


Well, we were thinking: “Why shouldn’t our New Year’s resolutions include the BMC Communities?” So, we challenge you, during the month of January, to complete one or more of the following actions we’ve identified as potential BMC Community New Year’s Resolutions. For each, we’ve identified a related mission and doubled the point value to give you a little encouragement and avoid procrastination.


Starting today and until January 31, 2016, you’ll receive double the points for completing the following actions and related missions.





Modify your avatar and add skills to your profile. CompleteProfilepng14e02085aa5.png

Modify your avatar with one of the new official BMC community avatars, or even better, upload a profile picture of yourself, and add two skills to your profile to earn 200 points and this badge. To complete this resolution:

  • To update your avatar, select the arrow after your name > Edit Profile. Scroll down until you see Avatar and select an available avatar or upload a new picture. When finished, click Finished.
  • To add skills to your profile, select the down arrow after your name > View Profile. Under the Skills and Expertise card, select New Skill, enter a skill and click Add. Repeat until you’ve add a minimum of two skills. Skills could include the BMC products you use, or related certifications on BMC products.



Like content to communicate it’s value. PositiveReinforcerpng14df92bbd65.png

A like is a great way to communicate that you found a piece of content, comment or reply in the community helpful to the author and the community at large. Like up to five documents, status updates, blog posts or discussion threads by January 31st to earn 60 points and this badge.



Comment to share your experiences, ideas and expertise and help others and be heard. DiscussionContributorpng14df8f1a936.png

A benefit of being a member of the community is the opportunity to share your experiences, ideas and expertise to help others... and be heard. Post your first comment on a blog post, document or discussion to earn 40 points and this badge.


But we hope you don’t stop there! For each new comment on blog post, document or discussion, you’ll continue to earn points. We look forward to hearing from you more in 2016!


Flag replies to your questions as correct or helpful.

All missions related to marking a reply as Correct or Helpful and having your reply marked as correct and helpful have been doubled until January 31st. Here is a guide to each action:


Flagging replies to your questions. SolutionCuratorpng14e07afe0e7.png

If you mark five replies to one of your questions as Correct or Helpful during the month of January, you’ll earn 60 points and a badge. In addition, you’ll also receive 30 points for every reply marked as Correct and 20 points for every reply marked as Helpful.


Join us in curating the best answers in BMC Communities by returning to the community after you receive a reply, or series of replies, and marking those that helped you find a solution as Helpful or the reply with the answer as Correct. By marking replies, you’re helping other members with the same question in the future find an answer faster and improving search results in the community. Learn more about marking replies in: Did that answer your question? Mark the reply as Correct or Helpful.


Help answer questions for a chance to have your reply flagged.

Points haven’t just been increased for marking a reply. Points have also been increased to reward members that post a quality reply as a way of saying THANK YOU. We wouldn’t have this community if it weren’t for the members that help answer member questions, thank you to all of you that ask and answer questions. What do you get for having your reply marked as Correct or Helpful?


If a reply to a question that you posted is marked as Correct or Helpful in the month of January, you’ll earn the following:

  • 300 points and a badge for having five replies marked as correct or helpful OctopusPaulpng14df92aaa3e.png
  • 100 points for each reply marked as correct
  • 40 points for each reply marked as helpful


Help other members by answering their question in the month of January.




Thank you to you all for being a member of the BMC Communities! We wish you happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!


P.S. We’d love to hear your New Year’s resolutions for 2016 too. Share them in the comments below. It could be professional or personal. Who knows? You may find someone that has a similar resolution and you could help each other, or you could get ideas for a 2016 resolution.


We listened, and now we’re delivering on it. Single sign-on (SSO) is your most requested enhancement to the communities and iconmonstr-link-3-icon-256.pngwe’re thrilled to share that the extended BMC community team has been working on it with the first phase beginning on Friday, November 20th.


Please complete the SSO Data Matching Wizard to avoid possible BMC Communities login issues after SSO launch. Click here to complete it now.



BMC SSO is a feature that allows BMC customers and partners to log in to their authorized BMC applications, such as BMC Academy, Electronic Product Distribution (EPD), Support Central, BMC Marketplace, and more, with one set of credentials (access to applications varies based on roles).


Beyond it being your most requested community enhancement, SSO will:

  • Reduce frustration with forgotten accounts and passwords
  • Make it easier for you to ask and answer questions, and share your best practices and experiences in the community (we can’t wait to hear from you more!)
  • Standardize the customer experience throughout BMC web properties and support future personalization



Data Matching Wizard Scenarios

So, what happens from this Friday? Great question… During this first phase, we need your help in linking your community account with your existing BMC SSO account. When you log in to the community from Friday, you will see a Data Matching Wizard. Below are two scenarios for the Data Matching Wizard and details and key takeaways around each.


Additionally, as of this Friday, the email address fields will be locked and no longer editable.


1. Completing the Data Matching Wizard

Enter your BMC SSO username (email address) and your password and click ‘Update’ to start the process of connecting your community account to your existing BMC SSO account.


Upon completing the Data Matching Wizard, your email address for the community will update to the email address used in your SSO account. You’ll receive a message confirming that your accounts have successfully been linked and that your BMC Communities profile email has been updated. Although your accounts have been linked, you will continue to use your existing BMC Communities credentials to log in until SSO is enabled in spring 2016.


Key Takeaways:

  • Once you complete the Data Matching Wizard, you can check it off your to-do list.
  • If you’ve been using multiple email addresses, your BMC Communities email address will be updated to your BMC SSO email address.
  • Your email address profile field is locked.


2. Skipping the Data Matching Wizard

There is an option to skip the wizard, but please note that you’ll see the Data Matching Wizard every time you log in until you’ve provided your SSO credentials and updated it.


Key Takeaways:

  • You will continue seeing the Data Matching Wizard every time you log in UNTIL it is completed.
  • Your email address profile field is locked.
  • The option to skip may be removed closer to the launch of SSO.


Have Questions? Need Help?

Have questions on SSO? You may be interested in checking on this FAQ, but you’re also welcome to post it as a comment below.


If you’re having issues linking your two accounts or need to update your BMC Communities email address after linking your accounts, please contact the BMC Communities admins.



Thank you in advance for your help in linking your accounts and we look forward to enabling SSO in early 2016.


Related Resources


The countdown to the next BMC series of events begins today… iconmonstr-calendar-6-icon-256 (1).png


7 days.


It’s only seven days until you can collaborate and learn with BMC customers and products experts face to face at BMC Exchange, an IT management global event series where BMC customers, partners, IT professionals and product experts explore how technology is transforming digital business.


Next Wednesday, October 20, 2015 is the officially first event of BMC Exchange in Sydney, Australia. BMC Exchange will be in a total nine cities around the world through February 2016, and we’d love if you could join us.


Find a place near you and details on where to register and even join the BMC Communities User Group at: BMC Exchange: You’re Invited.



14 days.


We’re two weeks from when the global event series, BMC Day 2015, which kicks off this month as well on October 27, 2015 in Kista, Sweden and also, in Tokyo, Japan. BMC Day is scheduled to be in more than eleven cities around the world starting on and another chance to engage with other BMC customers and product experts face to face.


Find current locations at: BMC Day 2015: Network with Peers and Experts and details on where to sign up and available BMC Communities User Groups. Follow the document to receive notifications of new BMC Day locations as they are added.



0 days.


This may not necessarily be face to face, but every day you can connect and network with BMC customers and products experts here in the BMC Communities. Find a product community to begin asking and answer question or sharing your ideas. Join a local user group and begin connecting with peers in your area and scheduling regular meetups.



328 days.


As of today (Wednesday, October 14, 2015), it is officially 328 days until the next BMC Engage. Watch the highlights from BMC Engage 2015 and learn how to pre-register for next year at: BMC Engage.


How are we doing?


It’s a simple question, but knowing how we, BMC, are doing from our customers is very important. It helps us identify what we’re doing well and should continue to invest in, or where we’re not meeting your satisfaction and should begin making improvements. So, how are we doing? Let us know your answer to this question by participating in the BMC Software Customer Feedback Survey.


As members of the BMC Communities, we know that you regularly share feedback through the questions, discussions and comments you post and the ideas you submit, and we thank you! Did you know that you’ve created more than 112,500 questions and discussions and 9,500 ideas in BMC Communities? We’re continuing to listen and want to hear more, so please take a few minutes to participate in this survey and share your overall experience with BMC.


The BMC Software Customer Feedback Survey is open beginning today, Monday, October 12th, through Friday, October 23rd at 9:00am CT. When completing the survey, please use your company email address.



Start the Survey



We’ll share select results from the survey soon here, so stay tuned.


Thank you!


We heard your feedback and are thrilled to take you through a tour of your new BMC Communities homepage.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Streamlined Navigation

Our first stop is the new streamlined navigation:

  • First, we like having you here and don't want to you go, so bmc has been updated to no longer take you away from the community. Instead, it and "Communities" will both take you to the homepage. To go to, you'll now click it to the right.
  • Then, in the upper right corner, we not only a quick link to but also links to important resources related to BMC products and solution. Now, from anywhere in the community, you can quickly and easily get the information and support you need  by selecting Support and Documentation.
  • Last, but not least, we've made a few tweaks to the main navigation. A few include: adding BMC Engage and organizing: User Groups, Customer Programs and Advocacy and Help.


BMC Communities Homepage: Steamlined Navigation.png


Refreshed Look and Feel

The homepage banner has been refreshed with a new look and feel that highlights the purpose of the BMC Communities, the place for BMC customers and partners to connect. share. and discover. together around BMC products and services. We're highlighting two populars places in the community: Product Communities and User Groups. By selecting Product Communities, you can view and find a community to ask or answer a question around BMC products and solutions, or to share a feature request or product enhancement by idea. User Groups offers a view of all available groups to join and begin collaborating with BMC users and subject matters experts around a particular product, solution or location.


BMC Communities - Refreshed Look and Feel.png


Highlighted Search

Searched is now highlighted on the homepage. You can now search the BMC Communities for an answer to your questions, tips on using on a product or solution and resources to help you stay in the know. As you enter keywords, select the most related option that appears to take action and join the conversion, become a member of a group and make a new connection through follow.


BMC Communities - Highlighted Search.png


Featured Product Communities and Programs

We're now featuring the most popular and relevant product communities and programs. To view the communities and select one to join the conversation, hover the picture or click the red arrow. Featured communities include: Remedy ITSM, BMC Helix Remedyforce, Discovery / ADDM, Control-M, The specified item was not found., TrueSight Server Automation and more, like BMC Engage and Beta Programs!




Top Monthly Contributors Showcased

Finally getting the recognition they deserve, our top monthly contributors will now be showcased on the homepage of the BMC Communities. The top contributors will be updated monthly and will feature subject matter experts. Hover their picture to learn more, view their recent activity and connect with them through follow.



Our Top Monthly Contributors currently are: Bill Robinson, Laurent Matheo, Andrew Waters, Jason Miller, LJ LongWing, Karen Farrell, Jim Wilson, kedar zavar, Carl Wilson and Ravindra Babu Gudimallam



Trending Discussions and Blogs

A view of the most popular discussions and blogs throughout the BMC Communities. Select the title to learn more, answer a question, post a comment or share a tip, trick and feedback.


BMC Communities - Trending Content.png


So, now that you've officially gotten a tour, what do you think of the new BMC Communities homepage? Let us know by leaving a comment below or liking this post.


Have other feedback on the community? We'd love to hear that too! Post it in Help.


Customer expectations today, such as those shared throughout the BMC Community through discussion, questions, and ideas, have become a force prompting companies to rethink entire business models. The adoption of digital technology is the primary driver of change, as you expect products and services to be faster, easier, and available anytime and anywhere. Well, we’ve heard you and are pleased to introduce: BMC Digital Enterprise Management.


BMC Digital Enterprise Management is a set of IT solutions designed to make digital transformation fast, seamless, and optimized. It enables continuous innovation and improvement by managing and optimizing technology, processes, and policy in real time, from Mainframe to mobile, cloud and beyond.


In line with accelerating the development of digital services and apps, there are five core elements to Digital Enterprise Management:


Digital Service Management

Digital Service Management blends modern digital services design with ITSM principles & platforms to reinvent how business gets done and enable breakthroughs in human productivity.


Digital Enterprise Automation

Digital Enterprise Automation represents a more integrated and strategic approach to automation, enabling you to accelerate the delivery of digital services while improving quality and control. Our comprehensive and policy-driven platform will help you orchestrate and automate the full digital infrastructure stack.


Digital Service Assurance

Digital Service Assurance extends traditional assurance principles well beyond watching over the health of hardware, applications, and networks. It integrates data from multiple external sources, including social human sentiment to allow you to take action quickly based on customer online posts and complaints.


Digital Infrastructure Optimization

Digital Infrastructure Optimization is our approach to building and maintaining a leaner, more cost-effective digital infrastructure. We can help you avoid wasted capacity and licensing across your entire technology portfolio. You’ll benefit from a stronger return on your investment in technology and a consolidated, easier to manage, lower risk platform.


Analytics, Orchestration, and Policy — a shared foundation

We provide a common foundation for configuration data, automation, orchestration, analytics, and policy, enabling you to share a single, real-time view of your infrastructure across teams and processes. You can automate complex tasks that span multiple systems. You can uncover relationships and patterns between IT operations disciplines, helping you drive continual improvement.





Digital Enterprise Management brings all of our members across all of the Products Communities together under a single, unified framework for digital transformation.


How do you think Digital Enterprise Management will help your organization? How do you think Digital Enterprise Management will improve your organization’s IT operations?


Learn more about Digital Enterprise Management »


Download the Powering Innovation and Growth with Digital Enterprise Management Solution White Paper »


Most of you have seen a survey popup this past month, asking focused question on your experience on BMC Communities.

  • If you've answered, thanks! (btw, if you've left your contact details on the last question, your account on BMC Communities will be credited with some reward )
  • If you haven't answered now, you can still do it in the next 4 hours or so (and enjoy the reward you deserve by helping us to improve BMC Communities)


We had about 300 responses for now

We received feedback from users of all Products in the BMC Portfolio, giving us a global perspective on your experience.

Most of the responses we received are very positive!


Key takeaways

Overall satisfaction

On a 0-10 scale to rate likelihood to recommend BMC Communities, you gave an average of 7.70.

Thanks a lot for this very good result.

The changes that will follow this survey plan to make you benefit even more from BMC Communities



Most of you would recommend BMC Communities to your peers



Opinion on Nav Experience

We had a couple of 1-5 rating question (1 is very bad, 5 is very good), here are some results: (the average)

  • How easy was it to find your Product community: 3.87
  • How would you rate navigation on BMC Communities?  3.64
  • Does the Communities Home Page help you accomplish what you need to on the site? 3.55


Since 3 is Fair, 4 and is Good, these figures are ... good (more Good than Fair )

But room for improvement! (especially for home page and menus/nav/taxonomy)



Familiarity with existing Programs


Beta Programs haven't yet been seen by 45% of

respondents: room to please many other people!




What will soon happen on BMC Communities?

While all these results are good already, we want to address your navigation pains, and help you benefit from from content and experts.


In the coming weeks, we'll refresh the home page, and also update top navigation.

  • We'll make the experience more focused (aka "less noise", for example in the home page), simple and actionable.
  • We'll highlight key Product Communities, and key Programs that you will benefit from.


What's Next?

In the next weeks, we'll answer the specific comments you made (we already reviewed them and addressed urgent one's, but now plan to answer them all)

Also, based on various feedback you gave (including specific comments), we plan to launch new Programs (in the next months) that will help your Business.


UPDATE: Survey is fully closed by now


Learning from the Independence Day week-end, let's assess how we can bring even more freedom on BMC Communities.


Very high Freedom already

BMC Communities is fully designed for free posts and interactions (a system of engagement, not a system of control --  just a couple of no-brainer guidelines):

  • Giving a voice to people, fostering collaboration and crowdsourcing between Customers, Partners and BMCers.
  • Moderators include Customers and Partners, illustration that no censorship happens (the Community is "for us all, by us all")

So how can we improve freedom?


Room for Improvement anyway

When we upgraded BMC Communities in March, we made much progress on the underlying platform (more social, more mobile), but did not touch yet all the rewards/points/badges. Gaps include the following:

  • To provide a great experience on all the Communities and Groups you're using, we actually had to hide the leaderboards in March. Points were calculated behind the scene (and rolled up to profile), but were not displayed in a given community or group.

As a consequence, BMCers (at least the BMC Communities team) were required to ID top users, making BMCers bottleneck (definitely not what we want on a community), thus slowing down how all people connect with each other in a meaningful fashion.

In the coming days, leaderboards will be back, fully public!


Announcing Reward Refresh

The update is actually way bigger than the leaderboards. The whole point/badges system will be refreshed.


What stays "as is"What is improved
  1. Points for your account
  2. Badges that you have (except a couple that did not provide value, and will silently vanish)
  1. Leaderboard on each community/group: easy way to quickly know who are the best contributors for a given topic
  2. A way to display points that are made in each place (community or group): easy way to know specific skills for a given user
  3. Levels are back. You'll quickly see how you (and others) level up.


Leaderboard Details

Many improvements in the leaderboards for sure!

  • First, they will appear again on all communities/groups
  • They will display Monthly datapoints (and not all time points)
    • great to ID trendy users,
    • it will avoid scaring new users (when somebody joins a community, and sees many people with tens of thousands of points, it's a bit frightening)
  • You'll have full access to user's profile when mousing over one of the leaders


Jason Miller recently beta testing leaderboards


BTW, let's take this opportunity to thank top beta testers of these new capabilities:



On your profile, you'll have easy access to your points, and also badges you received (when completing a Mission)


Clear Descriptions of Missions (points, steps)


You will also have access to Missions you have not completed yet, showing ways you can benefit more from BMC Communities.

Note: life is full of surprises, so various rewards are not publicly documented, on purpose. They will just happen because you did something great for the Community.

What to expect? When?

Several changes will happen in the next days:

  • On Tuesday 7th, 6pm Pacific, we'll have a maintenance (a couple of hours, while most of us around the world are not using Communities) to prepare various activities. At this time, points and badges will disappear.
  • On Friday 10th, around 6pm Pacific, points & badges will appear again.


On Monday morning, when you come back on BMC Communities, you'll enjoy points, badges and also leaderboards.


Quiz for Monday 13th: (betas testers do not play)

Now that you've tested it live,

  1. Easy: Can you define "Solution Curator"?
  2. Medium: What is "Me in 3", and how to configure it?
  3. Medium: What level did Carl Wilson just reached?
  4. Hard: How many points does Carey Walker need to make to climb 1 rank on the global leaderboard? Who is he currently running after?

We want to make sure you all benefit from the content and people on BMC Communities.


3min UX feedback


Past 6 months

In January, we made a quite generic survey, and received exciting feedback from you:

  • your goals when going on BMC Communities: learning experiences from others, best practices and finding answers
  • your satisfaction: an amazing 90% (thank you, you make it a great resource)
  • your improvement ideas: more content, more experts, improved navigation

Read more survey result details here.


This survey lead to many projects on our side, for example:

  1. Simplification of the Remedy communities
  2. Refresh of mobile apps, fixing issues on iOS, and adding many capabilities on Android
  3. More ways for people (including experts) to set up their profile
  4. Ways to mark content to bubble it up or sync it down


Now these these projects are done, we'll go to the next step.


Focusing on User Experience

In order to improve navigation and findability of content, we'd like to get very focused feedback from you.


Some of you may have seen in the past days a survey popping up on the site.

  • If you have already responded, thanks!
  • If you have not, we'd like to learn from you: please spend 3 minutes on this survey


Once you're done with the survey, you may want to leave public comments right on this blog.

And like in January, when the survey closes, we'll let you know results and our plans to make things even better for you!

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