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Using Communities

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In past few months up until last week, we have observed handful of spam attacks on BMC Communities violating BMC Communities Guidelines and Rules and BMC COMMUNITIES TERMS OF USE (“TERMS”). Moreover, providing an unpleasant experience to our fellow community members. 


Specific Case

Last week, a spammer account by the name of Vina Lorenzana tried accessing BMC communities and sending private (spam) messages to other users. The user was using a Pune egress Public IP & all the transaction for Communities for Pune is happening through this Egress IP. See the screenshot below:


Vina Spam.png


To mitigate spammer related risk, we immediately:

  1. Deactivated this account
  2. Removed the external identity to disconnect the account from SAML authentication. Simply put, making sure that the SSO enabled user cannot re-activate the account in self-service.


In cases such as above, we also consider banning the IP address to disallow the spammer to create multiple accounts or run scripts to most hundreds of spam posts.

If you come across any phishing attempt or any suspicious account, please click on report abuse under actions on the content in the right rail. Also, you can reach out to Admin Team or to me directly.

Looking Further

In an effort to reduce the noise created by spammer and valuing the commitment of fellow users who love BMC Communities, we are taking the following action.


Follow-Back Messaging

BMC Communities users will be allowed to send private message to other users only if both the users follow each other. That means any future spammer would not be able to send you private messages until you decide to follow them back. Also, at any given point of time, you can unfollow someone to stop receiving private messages for that person. Here's a resource to help you in identifying and following experts: Learn from product experts.

Find more resourceful content to make you a communities champion here.

Other Measures Include

For spams not related to private messaging, we have taken following actions in the past:

  1. Abuse reporting - As explained above, it allows users to report abusive content by clicking an abuse label on the content, which is then sent to a moderator. Automatically hides content after 5 abuse reports.

  2. Link Moderation - Any content which contains links to domains not on the whitelist is placed into moderation.

  3. Keyword Interceptor - The Keyword Interceptor allows us to prevent users from creating content that contains keywords or phrases that are considered by the tool as problematic.
  4. Message Governor Interceptor - The Message Governor Interceptor prevents users from posting multiple content in quick succession.

Still have questions? Post them in the comments section below


Early April, we were wondering what we would do with documents in the future.


We were obviously joking: in the past years, the overwhelming feedback we've received from you all (in surveys and more) is that you'd want to have easy access to more enablement resources, for each of the Products you work with, and offering compelling resources is our key goal on BMC Communities


Strategic view

We've been making progress on various individual communities, but also worked behind the scene so that something bigger was happening.

  • What if "the bigger thing" was global (all portfolio)?
  • What if the Experts were already onboarded to make such posts?
  • What if the process to regularly post enablement content was already proven as successful?


Let's be a little more pragmatic: what if, in each Products community, you could enjoy:

  • hundreds (if not thousands) of content from Support Experts?
  • ability to learn together?


Sounds exciting? So here is the big news:

We're planning to have public Knowledge Articles appearing seamlessly on BMC Communities


Benefits for everybody

Many ways to enjoy these official resources:

  • You'll find them easily when searching/browsing BMC Communities.
  • We'll be creating a specific Experience (a page in each Product community) curating recent/trending/updated/featured Knowledge Articles, and helping you to find the most relevant resource
  • Since such resources will be shared public on BMC Communities, Google (and others) will begin to index them as soon as they appear here, and you'll find them when searching on your favorite public search platform


When logged in on BMC Communities, value increases even more, and you'll be able to:

  • bookmark these Articles
  • engage on/about such resources, enabling a productive conversation with all Community Members (and the Knowledge Article to be then improved)
  • @mention knowledge articles from anywhere (a discussion, an idea, a comment on a blog post, etc.) thus guiding others to relevant resources
  • and all capabilities you're familiar with on BMC Communities


Pragmatic Next Steps

Many things in the near future:

  • In the next days, the first Knowledge Articles (KAs) to appear on BMC Communities
  • In the next weeks, more ways to find relevant KAs on BMC Communities



More news (rollout details, FAQ) will appear soon on BMC Customer Support Community

To be first to know, you can follow this community in your Communities Inbox


It's always healthy to do some Spring clean-up, let's begin in April with "documents".

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 15.38.14.png


Current Status

Anybody can create documents on BMC Communities, it allows you to then collaboratively (with other Community Members) to improve content, with versioning and more.


Global assessment

In the past years, 25, 585 documents have been created, updated (often collaboratively), commented, etc.

They help us all to share lessons learnt, and improve details in a collaborative manner (based on feedback from others).


Almost 26k content seems like a good success.

Let's go one step further, and look closer.


Focus on some examples

Looking at a couple of documents (0.0011% of them, that are very impactful):

The collaborative, crowdsourced Dev wikiThe BMC CompassThe Communities coach
Remedy AR System API and Integration Interfaces Overview by Misi Mladoniczky (and many more)BMC customer orientation checklist by Miles EscowWhat's in here for you? by Shadab Ashraf

This developer-focused document has:

  • been created and improved by 10+ people around the world,
  • been commented 45 times
  • received 60 likes
  • been bookmarked 108 times!
This document was designed with people from many teams, making it easy for you all to discover the best resources to be onboarded as a new BMC CustomerThis document summarizes the benefits of being a Community Member. It proposes various next steps for you to enjoy the best of BMC Communities


Do you see value of documents?


Next Steps

As we're trying to simplify the Experience on BMC Communities,

  • should we replace these lively content with PDFs or static pages? (thus breaking people-powered content lifecycle)
  • should we prevent more than 1 person to update a given doc? (or do you like to really collaborate, and to collaboratively author content, like on Google Docs )
  • should we remove the Social Sharing buttons at the top? (allowing you to easily share a document with your Linkedin contacts for example)


We welcome all your comments, and wish you a wonderful rest of the year (April is always fun )


Please take out 5 minutes to fill in your responses for BMC Communities Survey.

Here's your chance to evaluate your experience, suggests improvements and impact roadmap on BMC Communities. Let's improve together


Updates since last Survey:

  • Using Communities (formerly BMC Social) - with custom learn experience to get started on BMC Communities
  • A brand new Developer Community
  • Creating events on BMC Communities
  • Next-Gen UX design for Product Communities (in progress)


Rate us:

  • Provide your overall satisfaction with BMC Communities by giving star rating.

  • Suggest your likelihood to recommend BMC Communities to your counterparts by rating us on a scale of 1 to 10.


  • Lastly, rate all your favorite programs and features on BMC Communities.


Your responses will help us validate our plans to develop new programs/features on BMC Communities and evaluate our efforts in the past.

This survey will be active for a limited time.


Please provide your responses now. Thank you for your participation

Let your voice be heard.


We love to listen to you to improve the experience BMC Communities provides. In the same spirit, here's the feedback we've gathered from the results of BMC Communities Survey, August 2016.



Your Initial Feedback - Favorite Communities


We we're overwhelmed by the responses we got (more than we were secretly aiming for ). We received 750+ responses. Thank you everyone for taking out time. We appreciate your commitment to making BMC Communities a better place to be. It was exciting to notice that 85% of you are using BMC Communities at least daily/weekly, now that you can login seamlessly with SSO. This is an 4% increase since the last time we checked.


We also learnt that you are interested in several communities. Top product communities being:


But most of you were also highly interested in:


Programs & Features Accessed


Programs Details

There are several programs running on BMC Communities. Hence, we checked with you on how satisfied were you with these programs. The details mentioned in the table below:


Programs you lovePrograms you 'OK' with
Programs you want improved
  1. Engage Community
  2. Beta Programs
1. Ideation
  1. Local Events

Insights on Programs improvements:

  • You were most happy about Engage Community & Beta Programs. Rating at 3.60 and 3.54 out of 5, respectively. Let's celebrate! Also, far more automation coming in beta programs, stay updated by following programs in connection streams.

  • We are also aware that you want a better experience with local events and are fully committed on improving it. To improve, we listened to you and learnt that the major needs currently are:
  • For Ideation, in 2017 you would be able to see brand new ideas page for every Products community. Psst... checkout the ideas page live for Remedy ITSM where you can find (and engage on) trending ideas, see idea stars, find featured finally and browse all ideas by stage e.g. on roadmap, delivered etc. (comment below with your thoughts).


Features Details

We also checked your level of satisfaction with the features on BMC Communities. The details mentioned in the table below:


Features you love
Features you 'OK' with
Features you want improved
  1. Posting a discussion, document, idea, etc.
  2. Login with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  3. Finding your Product Communities
  4. Interacting on discussions, blogs, documents, etc.
  5. Searching for resources & experts
  6. Using your Communities Inbox
  1. Receiving content through BMC News streams

1. Using BMC Communities on a mobile browser


Insights on Features improvements:

  • Using BMC Communities on a mobile browser ranked lowest (3.2/5) amongst all features. Your biggest challenge has been not to be able to create discussions or reply to them via mobile. We are looking for measures to improve that in the future. That said, here's a list of things that you can still currently do on mobile:
    • Guest experience (non registered users) is seamless in navigating content.
    • When logged in, you can efficiently manage Communities Inbox
    • When logged in, you can efficiently browse News.
  • Test your knowledge on key features on BMC Communities such asHow To: Master Guide on Searching on BMC Communities, Find answers for your products, Using Communities Inbox and much more on learn in Using Communities.



Many of your feedback made us blush . Here are some quotes from happy users explaining their unique goals (and success stories) on BMC Communities:


"It's the only real place to discuss BMC products with like minded souls."


"BMC communities help a lot in our daily routine job and can take a look at communities for any issues before reaching BMC Support over ticket and can get proper answers from engineers if we post any type of issue that helps and make our job simple. I love BMC communities very much :-)"


"I often do visit BMC Communities for Bladelogic TrueSight Server Automation issues and it never disappoints me. I would say communities is much better than KCS. I am following many experts from the community and do receive their response in my inbox that helps me to keep myself up-to-date with the Bladelogic world."


"Most of the time, whenever I've posted questions or issues, someone responds. This is awesome!"


Achieved/Planned Improvements in 2017

Please comment below if there are other enablement topics on features that you would like to be covered in Using Communities.

  • Product communities User Experience Redesign - Instead of having 1 landing page with all you can eat experience (tons of widget), this new UX targets productive behaviors for users:
    • landing page to act as what's up + routing to key goal (w/o users having to scroll down too much, or dig into content tab)
    • each tab (page) focusing on one Use Case
    • The new UX consists of:
      • a new landing page (now mobile-responsive friendly )
      • focused pages (on each community, a couple of tabs)
      • on each of these pages, tiles (technology replacing widget) including a custom dev one (Recent Activity summary -- see public heads-up)
  • Developer Community - Code, collaborate and innovate together with other BMC Developers. Get highlighted as 'featured innovators' and stay updated about upcoming events such as Digital Innovator Tech Podcast  - Episode 4 "For the Record...".


Missed your chance to give feedback? We have the next BMC Communities Survey live in March'17. We look forward to hearing from you again.


Matt Laurenceau

CMAD on Monday 23rd

Posted by Matt Laurenceau Employee Jan 13, 2017

Did you know that on Monday 23rd, the Internet will celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day?

Hug_cmgr small.png

Give some love back! (visual credits)

What is CMAD?

Appreciation? Are you supposed to buy flowers on this day?

You sure can, but there are many other ways to "appreciate" your Community Managers

CMAD is the opportunity for all of us to give back to people who spend time designing and orchestrating successes on various Communities we use.


Who are the Community Managers?

You interact with other Community Members, and you're helped by Experts.

You thank them daily by interacting on their content (discussions, blogs, documents), by voting and commenting on their ideas.


You may or may not know the Community Managers, depending on their style, or if Community Management is their day or night job

Community Managers often work behind the scene, making sure that:

  • The appropriate communities are created, staffed, filled with content/resources that help you succeed,
  • Bloggers are accepted, trained and supported
  • Moderators are picked within Customers/Partners/BMCers making sure content quality achieve the level we want
  • And more!


Let's take some examples:



What can You do?

Go ahead now, give back to the Community Managers who help you to succeed:

If you face to face with them (in the office, at an Event, at a party...),

  • Give them a hug
  • Treat them for a coffee/tea (obviously, bribes not tolerated )


If you only have the opportunity to interact in a Digital manner,

  • Go on their Communities profile, follow them, endorse them for skills, engage on their recent content
  • Vote/comment on ideas in the community you care about
  • Find a discussion that is not answered yet, help out to move the needle

Other things you'd like to do? Go ahead and do them, then add a comment to let others know great ways to thanks cmgrs.


If you're interested in Community Management (having a key role in fostering success in a community) and would like to know more about the Event, read more on and message me or Shadab for 1:1 talks.


Wishing you all an awesome 2017!


Looking at evolutions we had recently, and updates that we'll have in January/February, I can safely say that 2017 will enable even more win-wins on BMC Communities!

Developer Community

On Developer Community, developers are helping each other around the world to best innovate thanks to no-code, low-code, pro-code synergies. By fostering seamless collaboration between Process Owners, Analysts and hard core developers, Innovation suite fosters best leverage (quick Go To Market) and efficient iterations.


Benjamin ATTAL, with May Bakken


The level of collaboration (and success ) we've seen in the past couple of weeks between developers (Customers and Partners), Support, and also Engineering + Product Management is very exciting, we all learnt a lot in the process, and want to replicate this broader.


Best Using BMC Communities

Couple of days ago, Shadab Ashraf released the first phase of Using Communities content and UX:

  • Note: this community used to be called BMC Social
  • Focused tab, by Use Case:
    • Learn how to best benefit from BMC Communities (onboarding and learning further)
    • Ideas, displaying "Communities User eXperience (UX)" ideas in a very actionable fashion, highlighting:
      • ideas where we need more vote/comments from you,
      • ideas that we want you to know that we are in the process of productizing them,
      • idea that were delivered, so that you see how efficiently your engagement influences our roadmap
      • And also, in the main column, a view on all the ideas that were voted/commented recently


In the next weeks, more resources are going to be shared (content helping the Learn Use Case) and we'll tweak UX further


And more

And we're not done!

  • In the next couple of weeks, you can expect more productive interactions around events (virtual or physical).
  • In the next couple of months, the successes we have seen with Support (and broader) engaging on BMC Communities will go to the next step, with focused content and experts.

Anything you'd like to let us know? comment below


BMC Communities is about to dress up for Xmas time.

Overall site

It's going to be far more white:

  • no more right and left gray border on the page
  • no more dark News/Profile/Inbox/Create/Search top bar (below the header)


All these areas will move to white, reducing the depth of the site, making it more comfortable to use.


Whiter overall, border-to-border header and footer


This very community

You'll see changes in Using Communities too.

  • The name will move to a very clear Using BMC Communities, setting expectations about the focus
  • The landing page (aka Overview) will be simplified
  • We'll introduce a new concept, tabs, each of them focusing on a given Use Case for this community
    • one tab will be Learn, and will propose enablement resources so that you can be more and more productive with this platform
    • one tab will be Ideas, and provide a UX helping you to best interact on ideas for this community
    • etc.


You'll also see a new way to display Recent Activity, summarizing far more interactions, and giving more hints on what happened for now on each content:

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 23.26.22.png

Summarized view of Recent Activity


Such changes were designed to improve your usage of BMC Communities.

It's the present that the Communities team has for you to end 2016.


Rollout Plan

The whiter look (and core changes) will happen on Friday 9th, around 6:30am Pacific (aka 8pm India, or 15:30 in Paris)

We'll have a 15min pause to make it happen. You'll be able to follow progress on Twitter, @BMCCommunities


The layout changes to this very BMC Social community will happen step by step in the next 2 weeks.


We can't wait to see how these changes (aesthetic and functional) will make your Experience even better.

Please share feedback as comments, now and after the phased rollout


Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on BMC Software, our products and much more by taking this survey.


mic-1418319_640.pngLet your voice be heard!


The survey should take less than 10 minutes of your time. Your previous survey feedback was extremely valuable to help us understand that the quality of our products, their value to your business, and prompt/effortless support are three of the most important success factors to you. We've worked hard on enhancing the same.


Here are some highlights of actions that we took in the last year to improve your experience with BMC:


  • Launched a new search engine on BMC Support Central, giving you better results from BMC's online content.
  • Implemented a new online case management and knowledge system to improve your support experience.
  • Improved access to BMC Communities with single sign-on. You now only need to remember one login and password.




The survey has been extended until November 8, 2016



Thank you!




On October 18th you will have the chance to tell us how you feel about BMC and how we can improve by taking our semi-annual customer feedback survey.


Your feedback in previous surveys has highlighted that the quality of our products and prompt, easy-to-use support are the most important factors to you. We continue to focus on driving improvements to provide you with the best customer experience possible.


In response to that feedback, here are some highlights of actions that we took in the last year to improve your experience with BMC:


  • Launched a new search engine on BMC Support Central, giving you better results from BMC's online content.
  • Implemented a new online case management and knowledge system to improve your support experience.
  • Improved access to BMC Communities with single sign-on. You now only need to remember one login and password.
  • Created a new BMC customer orientation checklist accessed by going to to help you quickly get up to speed as a new customer or with a new product.
  • Improved the performance of our download center (EPD) by a factor of 5.
  • Refreshed "how-to" video content on YouTube, improving branding, removing redundant videos and boosting the rate of video production. That has resulted in better search results, higher quality videos and more videos overall (100+ new videos uploaded since the survey).
  • Launched new product, industry, role and training pages to provide clearer and more personalized information.
  • Enhanced BMC Communities and with a new 'liquid layout' making better use of user's full screen width and thereby improving legibility. Also added Communities sticky header and Docs guided tour.


The survey will be available on October 18th, please take the time to share your thoughts about our progress.


In the meantime, you can read here about BMC's growth, innovation and customer success. This article summarizes BMC's market performance, innovation & partnerships, customer successes and organizational highlights.


Server Automation Client Management Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt Control-M Discovery (ADDM) FootPrints Service Core Mainframes SolutionsMyIT Remedy AR System Remedy ITSM Remedyforce Track-It! TrueSight Capacity Optimization  TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt



Please take out 2 minutes to fill in your responses for BMC Communities Summer Survey.

feedback-1311638_640.pngIn our last BMC Communities survey, you gave us the second highest number of response ever, coupled with extremely valuable suggestions and shared how/when/why you use BMC Communities.


In short...

Your overwhelming participation and zest to help us improve your BMC Communities made us all go 'Gangnam Style'.


We celebrated this success with you by Preparing the future on BMC Communities, together. Some of you even won exciting prizes as promised.


Much has changed on BMC Communities in the past 6 months. You now have:

  1. Spotlight/Intuitive search experience
  2. Custom curated content for you in Communities News
  3. Improved BMC Communities UX and design (elastic width for content, sticky header etc.)
  4. Single Sign-On (SSO)
  5. And... much more


So... the time has come again when we need to ask you, how did we do since we last spoke?

Let your voice be heard.


On Wednesday, June 1, Dick Stark from RightStar, a BMC partner, will talk about how the new Digital Service Management strategy helps channel partners grow their businesses. We will also discuss how DSM benefits customers by making them more productive, responsive and profitable. Tune in tomorrow and watch live!


Zoo June 1.png


    • The Zoo: Dick Stark Explains Digital Service Management
    • June 1, 11:00 am PT


The event was recorded and you can watch the video:




Are you a fan of 'The Zoo'? You can now watch live episodes on Blab each week!

Zoo May 25.png

On Wednesday, May 25 Alf Alf Abuhajleh will be joined by BMC's Chief Employee Experience Officer, Monika Fahlbusch. Monika was recently recognized




    • The Zoo: Who Runs the Digital Workplace?
    • May 25, 11:00 am PT
    • Subscribe Now


Beginning late on Friday 13th May and continuing into Saturday 14th May the BMC Communities will be transitioned to use the same login mechanism that most other BMC websites are using. The Communities will be unavailable during the transition.


We are making this change so that you can enjoy the convenience of having only one account to access all of BMC's websites and web applications. In addition, once logged into a single sign-on supported BMC website, you won't need to re-enter your credentials for each additional site or application that you visit.


So where you used to use this to login on BMC Communities:

Jive login.png

You will soon see:

Okta login screen.png

The vast majority of our users have already linked these two different accounts using an account matching wizard that was available for the last few months. If you haven't yet done that, you still have a few days to use the account matching wizard.


From the moment we make the switch on the 13th, you should use your 'Support' credentials to access the BMC Communities. Your old 'Communities' credentials will no longer be valid.


If you have questions please have a look at our FAQ for this topic. If that doesn't answer your questions and you need help please contact Customer Care ( by phone or email )



Single sign-on project team


BMC Customer Support Community BMC Product Documentation BMC Customer Success (consulting, education, and support) Single Sign-On Online Experience (BMC Only)



As we thrive to provide you with the best customer experience, it is important to know, "How are we doing?". Based on your experiences, please take a few minutes to respond to the BMC Software Customer Feedback Survey. The survey should take less than 10 minutes of your time.


Your previous feedback was extremely valuable to help us understand that the quality of our products, their value to your business, and prompt/effortless support are three of the most important success factors to you. We've worked hard on enhancing the same.


Click here to start the survey


The survey will be open until May 3, 2016.


Let your voice be heard.


If you have any questions please contact Helen Krizek-Yost.


Thank you!

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