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Many of you provided very positive feedback on the Social culture that BMC is demonstrating.

  • For example many great interactions on how social the New IT is
  • And of course, great engagement from you on BMC Communities


On the social (and disruptive) front, we're far from done!

We have many ideas that we'd like to get your feedback on.

Yes, interacting on tentative roadmap items in a social fashion!



Creative ideas at your fingertips


BMC Communities: platform

Because we strongly believe in "fun" (and happen to work closely with Microsoft), we're evaluating to make BMC Communities run on Kodu platform.

Idea owner is Sydney Dent. I've been told that he already has a prototype running (Tesla not supported though).

BMC Communities: platform

Jenn may soon appear on BMC Communities. Based on analysis of the conversation the appropriate content will be created (blog, discussion. document, idea, etc.).

Jason Miller is the proud owner for this Virtual Agent-powered idea.

BMC Communities: User Event

Based on successes of previous User Events (including last week in Bangalore), and growing momentum around BMC Engage 2014 that will happen in Florida, we're thinking about using even more exotic locations for the next events:

  • in 2015, on International Space Station (ISS): seating is limited, but view is spectacular!
  • in 2016, on the moon (discussions have begun with SpaceX)
  • on Mars for 2019, but it's a lifetime commitment

The proposals come from Michele Marques and  Sean (BladeLogic Fan) Berry.

ProductsLaurent Matheo was not heads-down on a Beta Program, so began investigating a Google Glass interface for AR System mid-tier.

Engineers have begun investigating with Facebook what it would take to port BMC MyIT to Oculus Rift.

This idea comes from Dominic Wellington


We're already big in IoT (Internet of Things, see heads-up from Bill), and want to go further.

Amy Pitcher and Anne Brock are pioneering product extensions that would leverage fitbits:

  • ADDM would discover where you are, and propose the healthiest meals for you
  • ProactiveNet Performance Mgmt would monitor your vitals, and send an alert to your doctor when needed


On all these proposals, we're still at very early stages.

As you can guess, we'll not be able to implement them all:

  • please help us prioritize by adding your comments
  • should you have other very valuable ideas, please post them as comments


PS: one idea was rejected (but shared here for full transparency), wiring Bill Robinson to BMC Communities (because we could not find wires with high-enough bandwidth)

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Earlier this week, I virtually sat down with 3 very active Community Members, and we chatted about best ways to be notified on BMC Communities.


The 3 power users who joined the Hangout on Air were: Jason Miller, LJ LongWing, and Laurent Matheo


Inbox FTW

As a summary, all agreed that using the Inbox was the best way not to miss engagement.

Indeed, the Inbox is where users are notified when others interact with them, or with content they contributed to.


Here, "8" is the number of items waiting for you


Once you begin to engage on BMC Communities, having a clean Inbox means that's you're checking out when people are talking about you, or content you interacted on. Basically, you're a good Social citizen.

But because the convo happened with hard core users, discussion moved way forward, and we geeked out on other topics that are very important for them, and probably is useful for many of you:

  • interaction from mobile (phone, tablet)
  • picking the brain of gurus like Doug Mueller
  • finding out other stuff to interact on


Highly Productive from Mobile

Mobile Apps (or mobile-browser-friendly view) are great ways to know what happens, and be able to interact from your phone or tablet.

They give access to your Inbox, enable you to reply, comment, like and even post discussions or status updates.


User experience is of course less rich than full-Web view, but works for many Use Cases.

In the video below, our power users also explain how consumption and/or production can begin on mobile, and continue on Web view.

To know more details about mobile access, check out right here.


Picking Brains of SMEs

A great way to learn from gurus is to follow them.

A couple of strategies here:

  1. Following these users in your Inbox
  2. Following them in a Stream with "Email notif" on (like "Email Watches" below)


Inbox, or Stream?


In last 2 paragraphs, we saw benefits of the Inbox, for quick and productive interactions

Emails have limitations (do not give 1-click access to Comments, or Like, so force you to go back and forth from Email client to Web UI), but can be useful too.


See some followfriday heads-up that were made recently.

You can sure send props to others by posting your own followfriday


Finding other engagement opportunities

One could argue that Inbox is a reactive strategy.

The 3 community members I talked with also have a very proactive approach.

Even without notification, by looking at flow of activities from others, they find opportunities to engage and help our broader.


In order to achieve this, they use Streams they set up (grouping some communities or users), or use Recent Activity widgets.


30min video, geeking out from California, Colorado and France


In the Hangout, we leveraged a prezi-powered presentation, to drill down on the various topics.


The full Prezi is right here.

Don't have a Prezi account yet? Create one and enjoy!


Do you have other tips to share? Questions about these tips? Add comments here!

Community users will reply, and we may set up another Google Hangout on Air if it makes sense.

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Since October 2013, you've probably seen badges, missions and points being updated on BMC Communities.

Check out Missions Overview to have an intro on what was deployed.


In this first wave of the launch, we've learnt many things thanks to your feedback, and the way you engaged.

Before Christmas, new behaviors were added so that Subject Matter Experts are rewarded.


Last 2 weeks of January, launch will be improved in 2 ways:

  1. Introducing rewards for new actions
  2. Re-balancing Points



Launch soon, rewarding good user behaviors (visual credits)



Actions rewarded in January 2014

This launch will again address all users, focusing on synergies between casual users and SMEs

  • Profile completeness: to allow productive conversations, users need to be familiar with each other. Most users now value their first name, last name, Job Title. We want to go one step further and focus on other fields that help individuals to best connect: Biography and URL (btw, don't forget to check privacy on all your profile attributes: usually most of them public, except email that you keep for yourself)
    • Bio: great way to introduce you to the others, in an informal manner. In this free text, you can share fun facts, or anything you want (like your Skype ID)
    • URL: what about making it easy for others to find you on Linkedin or to go on your Blog? By using the URL field, you'll make it 1-click away for users to engage more with you
  • Rewarding Users who engage: Browse BMC Communities (see Overview), interact on posts from others, follow communities and groups, flag answers you receive as Correct or Helpful, etc. By engaging more, you'll provide more value to others in the community, and you'll be rewarded for this
  • SMEs take two: we'll reward SMEs in a couple of new ways:
    • First, we'll reward users who play ball and flag good answers they receive as Correct or Helpful. This quick action, a simple "online thank you", is actually key to curate good answers. And it gives fully deserved points to SMEs, closing the loop.
    • Then, we'll thank SMEs directly for actions they make everyday to help a healthy community, like re-routing posts on the right community: by moving discussions posted on wrong communities, they help the right eye-balls to see the posts, and these discussion get a far better response rate (and more chances to get helpful/correct answers, closing the loop with SMEs)



Re-balancing Points

When we launched in October, usage of the platform was bigger than expected. It's sure a good problem to have, but it created issues, with points of many users to skyrocket at the beginning. Things have slowed down since (thanks to quick actions helped by Chetan Mahendru) and are now stabilized. But points need to be revisited to be fair with all community members.


What will happen: all the points that users received because "a discussions they created was viewed" will disappear from the system.

Thanks to this update, we'll have a healthier baseline for the points, with SMEs going at the top of community leaderboards.


And the Future?

With this launch, we'll be done with the foundations of the behaviors we want to reward, platform-wide.

In the future, we'll use these capabilities for specific programs that teams within the ecosystem are launching, verticalized for their business needs.

As teasers, in 2014, you'll probably see:


Happy interactions on BMC Communities!


To start this launch, BMC Communities will have a maintenance window starting around 6:30pm PST on Friday 17th, for a couple of hours. As usual, we'll keep you informed using @BMCCommunities

Matt Laurenceau

Happy 2014 to You all!

Posted by Matt Laurenceau Dec 31, 2013
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2013 has been a big year, with lots of things happening, for example:


Crowd at the WW meetup in San Jose, CA (speaker here is Doug Blair )


Thank you all for your engagement in 2013!


2014 will be busy and exciting:

  • We'll perform several clean-ups,
  • Many Product & Service launches,
  • In October, the very exciting user event in Orlando
  • And many more!


In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful 2014!

Happy New Year!

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We continue to tweak and rollout the point/reputation system.


This week-end, we'll have a maintenance window to add new things.

Outage will start on Friday 6th, at 6:30pm PST, and last 6 hours max.


definition of expert-resized-600.jpg

visual from Acuity

We'll credit new behaviors, that will benefit to the many Subject Matter Experts interacting on BMC Communities, and helping the bigger ecosystem:

  • answering questions from others (be sure to flag as Correct or Helpful, to curate good answers)
  • proactively enabling, by blog posting


SMEs, are you ready?

Let's prepare for Xmas gifts!


In our goal to simplify Experience, we also plan to do some terminology/acronym simplification, removing LNU.


As usual, we'll communicate on maintenance progress via Twitter, using @BMCCommunities.

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We strive to make it very easy for all of you to collaborate on BMC Communities



It definitely works great for the vast majority of users.


But in the past days, some evil users have been sending Direct Messages (or even posting public content) that are definitely fishy or spammy.


I apologize for the inconvenience it created.

Do not follow up with the senders on these posts (but you can sure Report Abuse for best crowdsourcing of evil users)


Several actions are being taken, by various teams around the world.


Pradnya Himane's team (Anirban Dutta and more) have been working on securing content:

  • Evil accounts were shut down
  • When possible, evil content was deleted


Security teams are investigating on the users who made these posts.


At the same time, there are various activities going on to secure your experience:

  1. The ability to send Direct Messages (DM) now behaves Twitter-style: user A needs to follow user B (aka show some trust) in order for B to DM A.
  2. Several anti-spam automation tweaks are being performed


Happy collaboration!

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In October next year (from 13rd to 16th), users from all around the world will be able to regroup in Orlando, FL and connect/share/discover around amazing things that they achieve thanks to BMC Solutions.



Yes, a User Event

We really want this event to be for you, by you, with you.

Details will be shared later on content and logistics, but you'll be happy to see how users will be involved.



See of video of the venue (thanks Eric T. Tung)


Want a free pass?

Based on community engagement, we'll give a couple of free passes to this event.

There will be several programs running in the next months for this.


As a starter, we'd like you to propose the name that you think would make sense for this event ("BMC user conference" is a placeholder for now.)


To propose names (and be eligible for the free pass), add proposals as a Comment.

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With the update 10 days ago (see Let's level-up BMC Communities), several features of our platform have been impacted.

  1. Points/Reputation: far more flexiblity in point system, ability to have badges/rewards and Missions to group badges
  2. Notifications: both Email Watches and native



Things are not fully stabilized. (did they start Halloween before all of us?)

  • Points went crazy in some Use Cases (trick or treat spell?)
  • Some users have had issues to get a couple of badges
  • Notifications were up and down, Inbox sometimes keeping items as unread


Sorry about the inconvenience it created.


A team around the world is investigating + fixing.

You can expect these capabilities to be tweaked in the next days (and early November too - no plan to rest till we're not happy with the outcome )


We are working closely with a couple of users in several geos to make sure we cover everything:

  • Address all the issues
  • And make BMC Communities an even better platform for all of us to Connect/Share/Discover.


Happy Halloween!

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We wish you all a great week-end.


While you rest or have fun away from the grid, a couple of people around the world will work to add new things on BMC Communities.

When you'll come back on Monday (or some of you on Sunday, if not Saturday ... yeah, there sure is activity 24x7), you'll see ... interesting additions (let's not spoil the surprise, you'll enjoy things when we'll be done).



Ready to master the updated environment?

We're looking forward to having your feedback on the updated capabilities!


Maintenance begins after 6pm PDT,  so that you all should have started your week-end.

To get updates while the platform levels-up, check out @BMCCommunities on Twitter

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We always work to make it easier (and more productive) for you to engage on BMC Communities.


These past months, we have interacted with you about being able to leverage Social Authentication.

Based on these conversations (online and many offline too), we're introducing a new feature, that new users will soon be able to leverage.


In the coming days, we'll launch a new capability to create an account by leveraging a social network.

Google or Facebook (2 platforms that most individuals use daily) will be proposed for new users to create an account.


New option: Use Social platforms to create an account

(and authenticate for next visits)



  • It will be far quicker to create an account (about 4x times quicker)
  • No login or password to remember in order to engage on BMC Communities


Read more on wikipedia about Social Authentication.

Here is a FAQ Summary to better experience this new capability on BMC Communities.


What if you already have an account? (with login/password)

For all of you who already have an account on BMC Communities, your account will stay as is (we definitely have no plan to force you to move to Google or Facebook Authentication).

In other words, nothing changes for you, use your usual login/password to authenticate (and do not forget Remember Me, really handy to quickly log in)


What happens if you click on Google (or Facebook) by mistake?

Don't worry, nothing bad happens!

A window (from Google or Facebook) will ask you permission to be used for authentication. Just say NO, and your done!

Use your regular way to authenticate.


What about privacy?

Google and Facebook are used only for authentication (external authentication), it doesn't give BMC Communities any way to post on your behalf on these platforms or sneak into your social accounts.

BTW, you can tweak privacy on each field of your profile (and this works whatever your authentication method is)


Will new users be forced to use Social Authentication?

No, regular account creation (with email) and authentication (with login/password) is still fully supported.

Social Authentication is just an optional way that new users can use to create an account.

Why is it regular authentication OR Google OR Facebook?

Once you decided an authentication method (regular login/password, Google or Facebook), you need to stick to it.

If you use one and also try the others out, you will end up with 3 accounts, creating a very confusing Experience (for you and other users interacting with you), 3 "Joe User" will exist:

  • content you post is tied to one account,
  • points that your receive are tied to one account
  • when others @mention you, which account should they pick?

If you happen to create another account my mistake, just contact us, share details, and we'll help you fix this.


Will Social authenticated users still have a username?

Sure, the fact that they use another way to authenticate will actually be transparent for everybody.

The username will exist, others will be able to look at profile, see activity, @mention each other, and all actions you're familiar with on BMC Communities.


What will happen in the future?

There are various enhancements we want to implement to make things even more seamless for you.

The change we're introducing today is the foundation of many ways we can grow in the future.

Too early to share details yet. Let's first assess how this new capability is embraced.


Matt Laurenceau

WWRUG13 Awards

Posted by Matt Laurenceau Oct 3, 2013
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The WWRUG is doing terrific this year, growing again over the past years.

Keynote yesterday with Doug Mueller was amazing (see a still right here)


On Thursday morning, it's Award time!



Who was the Top Customer this past 12-month?

Well, he made 3600 points over the past year, mostly in AR System community, but contributes in many areas.

His community engagement has been terrific for years. Recently,

  • he was a volunteer for WWRUG
  • he helped us review "next gen" of BMC Communities. He cannot share details, even if you bribe him (and you can try in tonight's party). We'll unveil the new capabilities in the next weeks.


That's of course ... LJ LongWing!

Look at him on this vid.






The individual I'd like to recognize based on his community engagement has been a trainer for years. He used to work for BMC (and even Remedy BTW), and joined Effect Tech some years ago.

He's a recognized trainer.


His community engagement sure is done on his deep-expertise area, SLM, but goes far beyond, on many products of the Remedy ITSM Suite, and also components of BMC Atrium.

He engages in many ways, asking questions, answering questions from others, ans also proactively enabling the community. For example, he blog posted in SLM (see right here), and had 2300 views!


Ohh, and he's the proud owner of a Telsa.


This is ... Sydney Dent!







For the BMC side of the community, I'd like to recognize a team. Earlier this week, Christophe Bodin explained to the wwrug growd transformation that the full BMC Support team was doing, increasing it's efficiency and Experience for Customers. By shifting left and always trying to fix the root cause, his team definitely has a huge impact on Customer Satisfaction.

One of the key aspect of this strategy is community engagement.

  • in a very focused manner, answering questions in the public Products community, thus enabling hundreds of other users at each engagement
  • proactively enabling, by blog posting tips: see the Pulse program, or the Top KAs for example. All of these posts have hundreds of views. Several of them have thousands. And this one had 17k views last time I checked.
  • and more!

Mark Graham, AVP Customer Support, will be the one to receive the award, and share more about what Support does (and will do) for the Community.





Full PPT I used is right here.

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As highlighted in this presentation on slideshare, there are many Use Cases to interact on BMC Communities.

Let's review what was shared earlier on, and spend some time on a new Use Case, not explored yet.


Interacting within a Community or Group

2 years ago, Best Practices were shared to use a Discussions, Document or Blog post.

A couple of months later, ideas were introduced, then expanded to the Product communities, and now fully described in Product Ideas


For the previous 2 capabilities, visibility of the post can be public, or restricted, depending on where you post.

Details are described right here.


As you explored BMC Communities, some of you have found (and used, in creative manners) the "Update Status" capability.



Update Status Examples

In the past months, you (users) have been using this capability more and more.

Before April, the capability was pretty rarely used. But since this month (and the upgrade we've done, also adding mobile app), usage grew 400%, and is growing even more since August.


There are many Use Cases to use "Status Update", here are a few examples

  1. Carl Wilson, sharing news about what's up for him, enabling "friends" to know what he's doing and better interact with him (like some of you do on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter)
  2. Jason Miller, sharing topic he works on, then collaborating from friends overseas (and achieving good result)
  3. Vignesh Nadar, sharing great quote (definitely Twitter style)
  4. Robin Elliott, sharing a compelling picture/visual
  5. Warren Cook, posting kudos (and efficiently @mentioning users and a community, to notify accordingly, and provide pointers for others to easily enjoy)


As we saw on these examples, "Status Update" are posted public.

If you post a "Status Update", Users who Follow you (basically, "your network") will be notified


"Status Update" are very useful if you don't want to make a regular post in a specific community/sub-community or group.

Guru Tip: in such a post, if you @mention several communities or groups, all relevant users will be notified. Can be pretty efficient. Obviously, do not abuse it: if used to much, users could see it as spam.


2 ways to post

Here are 2 ways to make a "Status Update", it's 2 clicks away from any page of BMC Communities.


You already saw notifications happening within BMC Communities, with the figure next to "My BMC Community", that's a great when to start to see what's happening:

MyBMCCommunity.png Once on My BMC Community, you see your Actions and your Inbox (with usually a couple of items appearing - as you can see on the screenshot I used, with 14 items, I always have things to interact on, from web or mobile)


When displaying Activity Stream, you see your last "Status Update" post, and can post a new one




The other obvious way to test it is to Click the Create Button in the header, and pick update Status.


Ready to test it?


Anything to share that would be relevant for your "followers" audience?

Go ahead and use Update Status.

I'm looking forward to seeing Use Cases you'll be using, and create new one's.

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Since September 2012, I've been posting monthly User Awards (11 editions for now, since I made a  special edition for WWRUG12), highlighting great Community behavior from Customers, Partners (or Independent Consultants) and BMCers.

For this month and the next to come, the awarded users will appear directly in each Community.

See for example how this began in Consumerization of IT, with a widget featuring an awesome user:


Christopher M Dancy is featured!

Customers, Partners and BMC Employee will thus continue to be recognized, but now in context, on the Community/group they are very influential on.

Happy summer!

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End of month is approaching fast.

I'll post today so that you all have it before going on week-end.



The individual to award this month is Dan Bontrager, who has been very active lately in BMC Remedyforce community, interacting with other members, and also posting ideas (see more explanations on ideas here) to share his feedback on how to improve experience with this product.

Thanks Dan for your engagement!



This month, the partner to award was spotted by Karl Miller (great Product Manager at BMC, awarded last month)


Sylvain YVON made it in the Top 10 recently (400+ points in the past 3 months), with great activity in many areas:


Sylvain works for CapGemini, has in-depth experience with BMC Products since 1998.

His most successful post is AR System Web Services Best Practices, with 6600+ views

Sylvain, continue to lead by example, many community users learn from you every day!



I had a tough choice to make to award someone from BMC this month.

So I decided to make a collective kudo!

You probably saw the Terms and Conditions Update (and re-accepted them). The team behind this change is:

Why was it so important?

Because making the Terms more opened allowed more sharing, more win-win between the community members, for example:

And you can expect far more in the future, from BMC, but also from Partners and Customers!

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Since we re-launched mid-April (with Mobile, Streams and more), BMC Communities usage has shifted a lot, with far quicker interactions using these 2 capabilities.

See for example Mike Faiella going social at full steam (and dumping email)


We actually began slow with Streams, and will apply a patch in the next hours, to help you go further.

It will update the Connections Streams (that was created automatically for you 6 weeks ago), and create a new Stream.



Your Top 2 streams, soon


Deep Dive in the updated/new Streams


Connections StreamEmail Watches

All the users you follow currently appear in this stream.


The new thing (with the patch in 9 hours or so) is that all the users you used to be friend with will now appear.

Yes, they will automagically appear in this stream.



  • you've grown a network of friends these past months/years, they'll now be one-click away
  • in Mobile view, the Followed tab (first one) displays activity in this very stream, so a very quick way to follow them

This brand new stream will be created for you.


All the users (and communities/groups) you used to set email notification on will now appear in this Stream.


Benefit: all the users, communities and groups (that you flagged in the past to be notified about) will now be one-click-away for you


Heads-up: since email notification is switched On by default for this Stream (hence the name), you will receive many emails. You may want to Edit Stream, and switch notifications Off.


OK, what do I do now?

For Connections Stream, just enjoy activity from new users who will appear.


In order to transition users (or places) from the old Email Watches to the new (very flexible) Stream paradigm, you can Edit this Stream, and by clicking on the zig-zag icon:


Used to follow too many people and places?

Check Inbox (or other stream), then uncheck from Email watches


More background:

  • before mid-April, friend was a bi-directional link, with approval (Facebook style)
  • we changed it to a far more natural paradigm for a Community, a one-way follow concept (without approval, Twitter-like)



Enjoy quicker/more efficient collaboration!


And thanks a lot to the tech experts who were able to design these improvements in Streams.

Let's not miss anything, be far more productive, and (optionally) stop stuffing Outlook Inbox.

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