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Most of you have seen a survey popup this past month, asking focused question on your experience on BMC Communities.

  • If you've answered, thanks! (btw, if you've left your contact details on the last question, your account on BMC Communities will be credited with some reward )
  • If you haven't answered now, you can still do it in the next 4 hours or so (and enjoy the reward you deserve by helping us to improve BMC Communities)


We had about 300 responses for now

We received feedback from users of all Products in the BMC Portfolio, giving us a global perspective on your experience.

Most of the responses we received are very positive!


Key takeaways

Overall satisfaction

On a 0-10 scale to rate likelihood to recommend BMC Communities, you gave an average of 7.70.

Thanks a lot for this very good result.

The changes that will follow this survey plan to make you benefit even more from BMC Communities



Most of you would recommend BMC Communities to your peers



Opinion on Nav Experience

We had a couple of 1-5 rating question (1 is very bad, 5 is very good), here are some results: (the average)

  • How easy was it to find your Product community: 3.87
  • How would you rate navigation on BMC Communities?  3.64
  • Does the Communities Home Page help you accomplish what you need to on the site? 3.55


Since 3 is Fair, 4 and is Good, these figures are ... good (more Good than Fair )

But room for improvement! (especially for home page and menus/nav/taxonomy)



Familiarity with existing Programs


Beta Programs haven't yet been seen by 45% of

respondents: room to please many other people!




What will soon happen on BMC Communities?

While all these results are good already, we want to address your navigation pains, and help you benefit from from content and experts.


In the coming weeks, we'll refresh the home page, and also update top navigation.

  • We'll make the experience more focused (aka "less noise", for example in the home page), simple and actionable.
  • We'll highlight key Product Communities, and key Programs that you will benefit from.


What's Next?

In the next weeks, we'll answer the specific comments you made (we already reviewed them and addressed urgent one's, but now plan to answer them all)

Also, based on various feedback you gave (including specific comments), we plan to launch new Programs (in the next months) that will help your Business.


UPDATE: Survey is fully closed by now

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Learning from the Independence Day week-end, let's assess how we can bring even more freedom on BMC Communities.


Very high Freedom already

BMC Communities is fully designed for free posts and interactions (a system of engagement, not a system of control --  just a couple of no-brainer guidelines):

  • Giving a voice to people, fostering collaboration and crowdsourcing between Customers, Partners and BMCers.
  • Moderators include Customers and Partners, illustration that no censorship happens (the Community is "for us all, by us all")

So how can we improve freedom?


Room for Improvement anyway

When we upgraded BMC Communities in March, we made much progress on the underlying platform (more social, more mobile), but did not touch yet all the rewards/points/badges. Gaps include the following:

  • To provide a great experience on all the Communities and Groups you're using, we actually had to hide the leaderboards in March. Points were calculated behind the scene (and rolled up to profile), but were not displayed in a given community or group.

As a consequence, BMCers (at least the BMC Communities team) were required to ID top users, making BMCers bottleneck (definitely not what we want on a community), thus slowing down how all people connect with each other in a meaningful fashion.

In the coming days, leaderboards will be back, fully public!


Announcing Reward Refresh

The update is actually way bigger than the leaderboards. The whole point/badges system will be refreshed.


What stays "as is"What is improved
  1. Points for your account
  2. Badges that you have (except a couple that did not provide value, and will silently vanish)
  1. Leaderboard on each community/group: easy way to quickly know who are the best contributors for a given topic
  2. A way to display points that are made in each place (community or group): easy way to know specific skills for a given user
  3. Levels are back. You'll quickly see how you (and others) level up.


Leaderboard Details

Many improvements in the leaderboards for sure!

  • First, they will appear again on all communities/groups
  • They will display Monthly datapoints (and not all time points)
    • great to ID trendy users,
    • it will avoid scaring new users (when somebody joins a community, and sees many people with tens of thousands of points, it's a bit frightening)
  • You'll have full access to user's profile when mousing over one of the leaders


Jason Miller recently beta testing leaderboards


BTW, let's take this opportunity to thank top beta testers of these new capabilities:



On your profile, you'll have easy access to your points, and also badges you received (when completing a Mission)


Clear Descriptions of Missions (points, steps)


You will also have access to Missions you have not completed yet, showing ways you can benefit more from BMC Communities.

Note: life is full of surprises, so various rewards are not publicly documented, on purpose. They will just happen because you did something great for the Community.

What to expect? When?

Several changes will happen in the next days:

  • On Tuesday 7th, 6pm Pacific, we'll have a maintenance (a couple of hours, while most of us around the world are not using Communities) to prepare various activities. At this time, points and badges will disappear.
  • On Friday 10th, around 6pm Pacific, points & badges will appear again.


On Monday morning, when you come back on BMC Communities, you'll enjoy points, badges and also leaderboards.


Quiz for Monday 13th: (betas testers do not play)

Now that you've tested it live,

  1. Easy: Can you define "Solution Curator"?
  2. Medium: What is "Me in 3", and how to configure it?
  3. Medium: What level did Carl Wilson just reached?
  4. Hard: How many points does Carey Walker need to make to climb 1 rank on the global leaderboard? Who is he currently running after?
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We want to make sure you all benefit from the content and people on BMC Communities.


3min UX feedback


Past 6 months

In January, we made a quite generic survey, and received exciting feedback from you:

  • your goals when going on BMC Communities: learning experiences from others, best practices and finding answers
  • your satisfaction: an amazing 90% (thank you, you make it a great resource)
  • your improvement ideas: more content, more experts, improved navigation

Read more survey result details here.


This survey lead to many projects on our side, for example:

  1. Simplification of the Remedy communities
  2. Refresh of mobile apps, fixing issues on iOS, and adding many capabilities on Android
  3. More ways for people (including experts) to set up their profile
  4. Ways to mark content to bubble it up or sync it down


Now these these projects are done, we'll go to the next step.


Focusing on User Experience

In order to improve navigation and findability of content, we'd like to get very focused feedback from you.


Some of you may have seen in the past days a survey popping up on the site.

  • If you have already responded, thanks!
  • If you have not, we'd like to learn from you: please spend 3 minutes on this survey


Once you're done with the survey, you may want to leave public comments right on this blog.

And like in January, when the survey closes, we'll let you know results and our plans to make things even better for you!

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With spring, there are usually many changes happening.

I'll list a couple of changes/moves that you may want to be aware of.

Some of these news are not fully validated, so please use caution when/if leveraging them.


First item is the new startup that 2 friends are busy with. Mission of this startup is to make sure that all developers respect quality and timing on all their projects. Apparently it's called "APL", I don't have more info yet (please share if you have some - any guess on the acronym?)



LJ LongWing and Laurent Matheo are fighting bad developers


Rumors say that Robert Stinnett and Steffen Kreis are thinking about moving to Switzerland, to create a startup there, helping Enterprises to enjoy neutral hybrid Clouds.


It seems that our friend Misi Mladoniczky is thinking about moving away from Sweden. Where could he go?


From sunny Africa, Calvin Omari and Andy Smith are moving Local User Group interactions in Middle East & Africa User Group


Some exciting changes will happen in the coming weeks within the Remedy ITSM community.


Ohh, something I was about to forget.

We're thinking about porting BMC Communities to MS Sharepoint 2013.

Please leave a comment if you want to help (or prevent) such project.


Happy April!

Can you guess which news are legit in this post?

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As shared in the Survey results post, we are planning many changes to improve even further your experience with BMC Communities.


Key themes we're focusing on in the short-term are:

  • reducing complexity: we already simplified many sub-communities within Products, we plan several simplification / enhanced navigation steps in the next weeks
  • more social: BMC Communities is where users connect with each other and engage. Various UX changes will be applied to make this far easier (explained below)
  • more actionable: so much content is posted here, let's make it easier to find, and take actions on (read below for details)


More Social

The User profile will allow to learn far more from each other (you'll spot things that you experience on social platforms like Linkedin, Google+, or Twitter for example).

Profiles will be simplified (more focused), yet more powerful.


Peer recognition on skills


You will be able to endorse each other on skills.

Even better, BMC Communities will then allow you to search people by skill.


Still on User profile, you'll be able to understand more connections from each others:

  • Quick view on number of following, and number of followers
  • Also displaying connections that you share with the profile you're displaying


Can you guess who's profile it is? (highly followed)


And that's not it! These 2 screenshots are only a couple of widgets within the profile.


User Profiles will also include:

  • Trends on content, communities and groups that you interact on
  • Featuring your top content
  • More visuals
  • And more!



Still on the social theme, the mobile app on Android comes back, with great capabilities:

  • rich text, ability to @mention people, but also content and communities/groups
  • ways to follow/unfollow content and people,
  • share, message, and more!


Quick access to profile attributes,

and ways to follow/unfollow, message, etc.


Heads-up: usernames (for example matt for me) will be simplified: you'll be prompted to update your username in case it currently includes an Email address (see rationale), or uses some capital letters.


Rich Text, @mention, insert picture, etc.




More actionable

We want crowdsourced content to be even more valuable for you all.


Greatly influence outcome on content


As you can easily guess, key capabilities include:

  • easier to search: what if final or official content bubbled up? And outdated content was rarely appearing in search (and would clearly be flagged as old, giving a pointer to the updated resource)
  • Easier to take action on: on most content, you'll be able to take actions (flag as to-do for yourself, and/or loop in others)



Comments from Beta Testers

  • "Profiles are looking nice!  I have looked at a few and endorsed a few." Jason Miller
  • "Tags updated." Jason Miller > explanations: if you modify tags on your profile now, they'll convert as skills (that others can endorse) as soon as we upgrade
  • "Just logged on through the new client....nice " LJ LongWing, about the new Android app
  • "My feeling is good about this new version especially for the presentation and the ability to have some skills that can be endorse by others" Allan Dujiperou
  • "Love it! I can't wait to see these metrics in action" Karen Farrell
  • "Jezzz, I can't wait to collaborate even more with many friends" BMC Bear (thanks Linda Maggi for the tweet)



Maintenance happens this week-end. It begins at 5pm Central on Friday.

You'll enjoy all the changes when back at work on Monday (or Sunday for some of you).


~ BMC Communities team, Beta Testers & Upgrade Project Team

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Late January, we proposed a public survey to gather your feedback about your Experience on BMC Communities.

Many of you responded, thanks!


It was up for 1 week.

We're excited to share results today, and early actions in place to better adapt BMC Communities to your needs!

SurveyResults_RC1.pngInfographic: 90% happy with Experience on BMC Communities


Survey Details

Users who responded on the Survey

We were very happily surprised with how quickly many of you jumped on the survey. In 1 week, we already had 800+ responses.


From a geo point of view, Americas win with 50%, then EMEA, and then APAC.

I can see here a good contest in the next survey, I know many users who would want their countries/region to grow .


Goals when using BMC Communities

"Learning with/from others" is definitely the main goal when using BMC Communities. To be more specific, it includes both proactive and reactive actions, here are Top 3 responses:

  1. Leveraging Experience from others
  2. Learning Best Practices
  3. Finding Answers on specific questions

Item 1 and 2 are definitely proactive (learning things), while item 3 is about getting help on a specific topic


Satisfaction with your Experience

Let's celebrate! 90% of the users on the survey said they "accomplished the reason/purpose".

Thanks to interactions/content coming from many companies/teams/users, the whole Community win!


Improving even further

When we looked at key gaps IDed by the 10% who were not satisfied, and also to your ideas for the future, the Top 3 requests we received are:

  1. More Content (even more actionable resources to make you succeed)
  2. More People/Experts (more people to learn from, more Subject Matter Experts sharing their experience)
  3. Easier Navigation


Changes on BMC Communities

There are many actions taken by various teams to deliver on your needs.


More content+people+experts are greatly related, and various Programs are shaping up to address these. We'll share more as things evolve (mid-term, aka in the next months).


In the very short-term (aka next weeks), we want to address low-hanging fruits, and easier navigation is key:

  • We want to simplify access to each community.
    • We'll archive (aka "move and make read-only") communities without enough traffic, so that you all can get more actionable interactions in thriving communities
    • We'll move/merge communities as needed so that you don't have to navigate many sub-communities and follow each of them (key Subject Matter Experts will be part of this project)
  • We are working on improving findability, with ways to bubble-up top content when you search

To enable more people/experts to interact, we'll also improve mobile apps


Thank you for such feedback, your individual successes help collaborative successes!

If we don't F2F in the meantime, a lot more details will be shared during BMC Engage

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We ended 2014 with wishes from BMC Bear.


Bear is fully ready for Engage 2015. Mmmhh, any idea where this shirt comes from?


Earlier this month, users from APAC, EMEA, and Americas met online and shared their experiences with BMC Communities, began to brainstorm about futures. We talked about Products, and interaction with others on various communities.



Users from 5 continents interacting (in 3 sessions to manage timezones)


Let's make things bigger!

We want to go further and collect more experiences and thoughts from you all. It will help us to improve BMC Communities (User Interface, Content, Programs...) to better serve your needs in 2015 and later.


An announcement was posted yesterday about a survey.

In case you've missed it, let's make sure you all take 5 minutes to take this survey.


In September, we'll face to face in Vegas for Engage Event (see agenda, pre-registration, and call for paper)

And we'll sure see selfies with users from 5 continents again!

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We had conversations with experienced users, covering Florida-to-California timezones.


You'll be familiar with many of the guests we had. In the order of appearance,


Sharing tips, and proposing future capabilities


Topics we covered included: access to the right community (from web, mobile), interactions tips, Local User Groups, Beta Programs and more!


Interaction Use Cases

Users often think about a community as a "forum", to share issues in discussions, and hope to get answers.

As Brad McClave stressed, a community goes way further, with best practices shared by SMEs, and ideas posted/voted by community members to improve the Product (not even mentioning blogs that are shared periodically to send heads-up about a news, or propose a valuable topic to interact on.

Cris Coffey (Product Manager of Track-It!) went all the way to displaying Communities content directly in the UI of Track-It!, giving easy ways for users of the product to benefit and engage.

Quoting LJ, "For communities, I'm actually really satisfied with it, interaction is good"


Local User Groups

Brad lives in the New York area, and would be more than willing to participate to meetups in his geo (he enjoyed a meetup in Boston some time ago)

Doug is ready to meet many others in his geo!

LJ would be excited to join meetups in the Denver area ("huge Remedy Market" according to him)

Jason would love to have meetups in the San Diego area.


Advisory Boards and Beta Programs

Brad enjoys his interaction in the Beta Program (learning/interacting on features that will soon appear), and also the Advisory Board (interactions about strategic/tactical forward looking views)

LJ and Jason have been hanging out with May Bakken a lot, and sure are involved in such convos.

All these programs happen in BMC Customer Programs, go check out this community (and engage there) if you've never enjoyed Beta Programs or Advisory Boards.



Communities simplification

We've talked about taxonomy (sub-communities) simplification, making engagement and notifications far easier for everybody.

Simplifications happened recently in the Discovery (ADDM) community (see here).

Peter Adams is already designing a simplified Remedy ITSM community, allowing users to learn far more from/with each others. Details will be communicated as things progress.


Mobile Apps

Whether we are using regular phones, tablets or "phablets", we all interact a lot from these mobile devices.

We provide apps for them. (see details here)

  • The iOS app is pretty complete
  • The Android app is a bit more limited, but admins will apply some magic so that the Experience on Android is as compelling as on iOS in March or so.
  • For other mobile OSes/mobile, you can use mobile-friendly view.

Ohh, Jason enjoyed the way he can see "all the latest posts on mobile app". The demo of "searching Atrium CMDB from the mobile app" pleased him very well, it does exactly what he was looking for.


Jason is very happy with the way Moderation happens, without censorship.

He is actually part of the world-wide Moderators, with other engaged Customers, Partners and BMCers.


Single Sign On

Jason and LJ enjoy "Remember Me" feature on BMC Communities, it enables them to engage quickly (like they do on Google, Linkedin and other platforms).

The current experience on Support and Docs sites seems to be logs them out more often.

Friends like Alan Shaw (BMC) and Miles Escow are helping us improving the SSO experience. We'll sure share news as things progress.



Should you want to see live interactions, here is the 90min recording! You'll hear all the details, including great actions taken by Thom Bailey, Warren Cook.


And to hear feedback from friends in EMEA and APAC, go right here.

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Earlier today, a couple of us met online.

hangout_Calvin2.pngJoining from Kenya, UK, France and India (and more)


It a pleasure to spend time together, with transparent/authentic conversations (Ask Me Anything style), talking about current stories, and thinking about futures.


Participants included:


Conversation included a lot of social talks, and also pragmatic feedback about interactions with other users



  • "Once thing that I like is response, I really get an overwhelming response. Most issues have been sorted, it's a 90%"
  • "I have not yet used Beta Programs, I plan to in the future"
  • "Since I have Remedy ITSM, ADDM and BBPM (aka TrueSight), I will definitely look at Smartflows"
  • "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes" <= answer to the "Do you use mobile apps to interact with Communities users?" question. Great to hear such enthusiastic answer, showing value that these apps provide to him
  • Could I use Google Authentication on BMC Communities? <= answer was that we cannot change authentication. Since Calvin currently uses login/password, using Google (or Facebook) would actually create another account, so he would have 2 identities on Communities (and all the posts, points and badges he got in the past would be tied to the first account). See more right here.
  • "The sub-saharan region is not yet very active, no Local User Group meetup yet." (and Anirban shared tips to make that happen, see below)

Calvin also mentioned great users like Wallace Roets



  • "Implementation project are great, because you get to see people implementing, and using the product"
  • "There are things you get from that that you cannot get from a Local User Group"
  • "It'd be great to have single sign on between Communities, Support, Docs and other sites" (you can vote up this idea)

Gordon mentioned great users, like Anthony Bryce



  • Local User Groups can actually happen, see what Kunal Sonawala did in Pune last week: this blog post eventually fostered a meetup (in Vyom Labs offices) for 40+ users, from Tata, Cognizant, Wipro, Atos and more! Such meetup

Anirban mentioned many great people from India User Group


The full 60 minutes session includes many other tips (Inbox, @mentioning, Communities mobile app, etc.), here is the full vid:


Tomorrow, the APAC and Americas session will happen.

Should you be willing to join (as Guest, or following "live" the streamed video), engage on this document, or on the APAC or Americans Hangouts directly.

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Wishing you all very happy holidays!

Thank you for an awesome year.


The happy Engage 2014 attendees are familiar with the BMC Bear.

See video we received from one (great) Community member:


Community-contributed Bear wishes


Now a Holiday quiz:

  1. What's the background music?
  2. What gifts do you think the Bear deserves?
  3. Who's speaking? (hint: listen to the accent ... definitely not French)
  4. BONUS: If you have a BMC Bear at home, what's his/her name?
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I've just spend an awesome week during BMC Engage 2014 in Orlando, FL.


The main reasons are definitely people I enjoyed to interact with.


Can you tell who is enjoying food and good conversation at Social Hub? (add comment with proposals)


We've talked about many things, including work

The vast majority or people I interacted with already had an account on BMC Communities, and most were enjoying it a lot.


The most important feedback I've received was the need for a mobile App.

BREAKING NEWS: we have an app, that allows:

  • viewing posts
  • interacting with your inbox
  • replying on discussions
  • making comments on blogs and documents
  • posting discussions


Where to get it?

To find it, use App Store (or Google Play if you're on Android), and search "Jive".

Jive_app_new.pngMost of you will be able to use the full-featured "Jive Mobile" app.

This app allows all the above features, plus additional one's:

Using rich text (bullets, bold, paragraphs, pictures...) while engaging on a discussion

Creating a blog post (yes, rich text again)

Editing a document.

This app also curates for you important places (communities/groups), people and Streams.

Ohh, and this app looks terrific on a tablet.



Depending on the exact mobile OS version number you use, the "Jive Mobile" app may not be compatible.

Jive_app_old.pngNo worry, you'll be able to use "Jive Mobile Classic" app.


App is actually called "SBS Mobile Classic" on Android Play Store.

That's what i currently run on my Android phone, and it works great! (and I use full-featured "Jive Mobile" app on my iPad2)



How to use it?

Once you've downloaded the app and launched it,

  1. tell it to go on communities.bmc.com,
  2. use your username (look at the URL of your profile, it's communities.bmc.com/people/matt for me, so I'm matt)
  3. type your password, connect and enjoy !!!  I mean, "engage"


Add comments here if you have questions to best enjoy these apps.

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Since we've launched the new design, and the new logo, we've seen many comments.

Thanks for sharing your thougths!


Let's take time to explain concepts behind the new visual identity for the company.

At the heart of it is Helix, the company’s new brand mark. Helix together with the lowercase letters “bmc” forms the new logo.


“Helix is a combination of several concepts and, together, they represent the new face of BMC,” said Naomi Miller, AVP of Corporate Marketing.


The overall shape recalls the double-helix pattern of DNA. “No matter what business they’re in, companies can only succeed today by being digital enterprises,” said Saar Shwartz AVP of Marketing. “BMC is the DNA of the digital transformation, and Helix represents that message.”


Helix also includes a double arrowhead. “Our old logo also included two arrows, but one of them was pointing backward,” noted Paul Appleby, SVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “We are a company that is about the future and we are moving ahead rapidly. The new design conveys that forward momentum.”


Lastly, Helix is similar to a stylized ‘B,’ the first letter in BMC Software’s name.



“You may notice that the word ‘Software’ is no longer a part of the logo,” added Miller. “The new logo gives us a more contemporary look, but the official company name is still BMC Software, Inc.”


We'll interact more with you during BMC Engage, focusing on what these transformations from BMC mean to you, from a Product strategy and execution standpoint.

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Many of you, like Paul Nicolaides, have noticed the changes today.



3 steps to learn more about this evolution, and how you'll benefit from it:

  1. You can learn more right now on our Corporate site. (the video is a great summary)
  2. On this very blog post, make comments, ask questions.
  3. And we'll sure go more in-depth when meeting you in person during BMC Engage Event next week!
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More news will happen on October 7th, and for sure during BMC Engage!

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In the past years and months, a lot of things have been done to improve your experience with documentation on the Products you're using:

  • Team went from static PDF to very flexible (and searchable) wiki format, far easier to update too
  • Docs pages have been made public so that you do not need to be logged in to view them (of course, you need to be logged it to rate, comment or any advanced capability of the site
  • And more!


Product Documentations: now one click away


Now Kimberly Grim, Angela Whitney and team (thanks especially to Roger Hirsch for his engagement) are willing to go to the next level.

We need feedback for more users (Customers, Partners, BMC Employees) to make progress.


Can you please take 1 minute or so and fill this survey?

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