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4 Posts authored by: Jana Thibodeaux Employee
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On Wednesday, June 1, Dick Stark from RightStar, a BMC partner, will talk about how the new Digital Service Management strategy helps channel partners grow their businesses. We will also discuss how DSM benefits customers by making them more productive, responsive and profitable. Tune in tomorrow and watch live!


Zoo June 1.png


    • The Zoo: Dick Stark Explains Digital Service Management
    • June 1, 11:00 am PT


The event was recorded and you can watch the video:



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Are you a fan of 'The Zoo'? You can now watch live episodes on Blab each week!

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On Wednesday, May 25 Alf Alf Abuhajleh will be joined by BMC's Chief Employee Experience Officer, Monika Fahlbusch. Monika was recently recognized




    • The Zoo: Who Runs the Digital Workplace?
    • May 25, 11:00 am PT
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I have a long tenure with BMC Software and have always been inspired by the culture of giving back.  In my office, and locations across the globe, there are several fundraising events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. These activities bring employees from all organizations together to make an impact on other people’s lives, and usually have a little fun. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some time with 27 other BMCer’s from around the country for a 2-day charity bike ride.


The BMC Software cycling team ‘Bit by Byte’ participated in the BP MS150. This is a two-day fundraising ride organized by the National MS Society. The ride is approximately 180 miles, riding from Houston to Austin. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is the largest cycling event of its kind in North America. There are about 13,000 cyclists riding each year, with a goal of raising $18 million to fight multiple sclerosis.BMCMS150-Groupphoto.jpg


As the ride approached and I started asking for donations, I heard several stories from friends and family of how MS has affected someone they know. That is when the charity aspect hit home and I realized it isn’t just a fun biking weekend, but a real chance to make a difference in the lives of 400,000 Americans with multiple sclerosis.


This is an event that many participate in year-after-year, but it was my first one. I was nervous, but confident that I could get through it. I tried to keep the stories I heard in mind as the alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. and we all readied ourselves for hours on the bike. I was also able to draw inspiration from this to keep moving as the miles passed and my legs tired.


I finished the ride, and it was an unforgettable 2 days. We got to ride through some beautiful scenery with the Texas wildflowers in full bloom.  I was overwhelmed, and a little emotional as I crossed the finish line each day. There were so many spectators there to cheer us on and holding hands out for high-fives. Some were there to see their friends and colleagues finish, others were there in support of the organization and the loved ones it helps. All the fatigue just kind of melted away as I got a boost from the incredible energy and support they were giving out.


This was an amazing cycling experience for so many reasons, but my best memories will be of the new friendships I made. I got to know incredible people from different organizations of the company.  I want to thank many of them for keeping me motivated during the ride, and hope I was able to do the same.  There were some awesome non-rider volunteers too; they were up with us before dawn, helping to get us where we needed to be, and made sure we were fueled up before and after the ride.  Great ride, great people, great organization!


DSC_5500.JPG.jpgFlowers2.jpgphoto 5.JPG.jpgJana.jpgDSC_5667.JPG.jpgTeamjohnnyguns.jpgteam_am.jpg

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Things happen fast in the world of social. Even if you diligently login to all your social networks (Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin/Google+/Slideshare/whew…) what % of the posts are you able to glimpse? Or more important, what valuable posts or comments did you miss? Don't even think about how much time it takes to search all the news, blog, and video sites for content that interests you.


Wouldn’t it be nice pull those ‘valuable’ posts out from the fast moving streams? Elevating these chosen posts above the others can help with:

  • Engagement – identify comment/sharing/Retweet opportunities
  • Education – stay up with the latest content in areas of most interest or benefit to you


There quite a few free tools that can help with this effort, you just have to give some thought to what you want to highlight and set your queries appropriately. Think about the users and sites that influece or entertain you the most. And identify topics or terms you are frequently searching for, or would like to search for given the time.


I am going to introduce a few of these tools along with some of their benefits. Take the initiative to search for tools you like, and be sure to comment back here on what you find useful.




Twitter Lists (

Twitter lists are simply lists of Twitter user names or accounts. Grouping Twitter users into lists can be helpful in organizing tweets into different categories or topics.

  • You select the list name and decide what handles to put on the list
  • Lists can be private for you only, or public which others can subscribe to
  • A follow is not required to add user to Twitter list


Hootsuite (

HootSuite is a social media management system allowing visibility into multiple social networks through a single dashboard.

  • Sign in and ‘add’ up to 5 social networks for free
  • Allows for publishing and scheduling posts for any of the connected networks
  • Monitor for post you want to elevate or categorize– set up search streams
    • View persistent search results based @mentions, hashtag, or keywords
  • Mobile version available


Google Alerts (

Google Alerts allows you to monitor the Web for interesting new content.

  • Updates with the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your search terms
  • Notifications can be sent by email, or as a web feed to Reader



Google Reader (

Google  Reader is designed to serve as a repository for your RSS feeds. Get  your favorite websites, blogs, and podcasts delivered to one place.

  • Locate the RSS icon in a site you want to ‘subscribe’ to
  • Select the ‘google’ option and they will be delivered to your feed
  • Check the reader for all your updates rather than getting another email, or browsing to multiple sites.

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