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90 Posts authored by: Anirban Dutta
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Thank you everyone for your participation in the January Survey!

Here's what you want to see in BMC Communities.


Like we said, we have some giveaways. We resorted to complex dark magic and totally random algorithms to sort out the results, and here are the Winners!Sorting_hat.png

P.S. The prizes will only be mailed to you if you've accepted your prize with a Comment on this blogpost within the next 72hrs.

  • You can Direct Message me with your Shipping address.

We'll have to pick an alternate winner if you fail to confirm within the next 72 hours.

The Sorting Hat has chosen for you.



backpack png.png



Dave Marshalonis

Rick Ruitenberg

Peter Zumbrink

Pete Yates

Damir Suban

Stefano Sensale

Bradley Murphy

Christina A. Molloy

Samo Puharic

Luke Pullen



bmcBear T.png




John Wolf

Sandra Hennigan

Magnus Naslund

Seong Koh

Lynn Young

Lavanya Bobba

Doug Tanner

Santhosh Kurimilla

Jim Spielman

Anil Premlall



engage tickets.jpeg

Tickets for BMC Engage



Cheryl Heiner

Greg Donalson


Andreas Harms

Yair Mayer



For everyone

Thank you again again for taking the survey! Do not worry if you didn't win something from this draw.
BMC Communities is constantly bustling with fun betas, hangoutsonair, local meetups andEvents. The Sorting Hat is always hovering over us. If you are an engaged Communities user, sharing and helping out, thou shalt not go unnoticed.
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Following the EMEA hangout yesterday, we just concluded the India+Aussie CMAD hangout with eager participants this side of the world.


On the hangout


Just to give you a perspective of timezones.


hangouts participants.pngCarey Walker from Melbourne on his iPhone

Paul Robins from Bendigo, Aus


Adil Kareem on his Android tablet from Bangalore

Jayesh Panchal

Ganesh Gore

Abhishek Rai

Kunal Sonawala

and me Anirban Dutta... from Pune

France (APAC??!!)

Matt Laurenceau up early!


What they say


Informal APAC discussion on broad topics around their work-life, Communities usage and expectations from the platform.




Carey Walker

As an Architect ties BMC products BMC Atrium CMDB, The specified item was not found., Discovery, TrueSight Orchestration for Australia's largest networking project. Also the owner of the Australia User Group

"Communities is a public knowledge base of BMC products".

"How great some of those posts are to really good knowledge articles".


Paul Robins

AControl-M administrator and over 20 years of experience in the Control & Workload Automation [ARCHIVED] industry."previously it was a bit like being a magician, you never give away your secrets but now we're more and more sharing stuff with our users on Communities".


Adil Kareem

AControl-M geek a Scheduling expert and a 'BMC Communities fan'."Communities has helped me and a lot of Control-M end users like me".


Jayesh Panchal

Finds Communities a great source for learning in the The specified item was not found. technologies in his role as a Remedy & CMDB developers."I started using BMC Communities by directly replying to end-user questions".


Abhishek Rai

Listens to real users of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt, spots trends and designs his content for his widely valued Pulse knowledge sharing initiative."You need not be shy, all folks are your friends"


Ganesh Gore

Super charged user in the Remedy AR System community"While working on Customer end you can refer variations of configurations and solitions of BMC's product implementation... also defects & workarounds, hosted on Communities."


Kunal Sonawala

Marketer at Vyomlabs and a key champion in the India User Group

"there could be instances where BMC Product users cannot just raise a Support ticket but need a service beyond that."

"we utilized crowdsourcing at a whole new level utilizing each and every aspect of BMC communities to deliver our Pune User Group".


Matt Laurenceau

BMC Communities Ambassador & socbiz evangelistIn the true spirit of a Community Manager, "Thank you to all".





There were a couple of common items from the Desired-future list:

  1. One login for all BMC sites - support, community, docs was by far the most demanded.
    • For Communities though you could set your browser to Remember You so you don't have to login each time
  2. Carey Walker indicated he's happy to see the platform more stable now - the back of the Red-logged out error messages for e.g.
  3. Carey also mentioned that Simplifying Product communities is key to usage and encouraged us to keep doing the hpuse-keeping which, well does not go unnoticed


The full session is 60m to enjoy details


Later today, the Americas session is coming up! Make sure you engage on this document to reserve your slot.

We've only seen the numbers grow.

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The username is the first identifier you choose when registering on any Social platform and this is something you should pay attention to.

Your username is public, like your Twitter handle and should Not be your email address.

<< Hacked off campaign advert on London Parliament pic by


Meaning, it is Indexed and shows up on Google Searches read details on my earlier blog post Tuesday tip: Think about your personal info.

  1. Imagine giving that away to the hackers, blaggers and spammers of the world.
    • No, you don't have to be a celebrity to be hacked today. There are a lot of buyers willing to pay millions of dollars to buy our data, and imagine the price of some personal email juice. For details I'd refer you to the real experts, Snowden, Assange.
  2. Secondly, you are tied to your company email address (or ISP). So in future if you move out and change company, your username still identifies you with your old org.


Tell us if you need your username changed

The cyber weirdos don't plan to slow down/retire any soon. If you've just realized what I'm talking about, we can change it for you in a jiffy.

  1. Contact Admin team in private with your proposed username.
  2. If you've just registered, you can reply to your Welcome email


Your username is supposed to identify you as a person, not make you look like an email! I mean, really? Are you so much in love with your email?!

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tablet.pngBusiness Continuity

Because I live and breathe in this world this idea would not have come to me on any given day.

Right now I'm blogging from another location using a completely different network and I'm here as a part of a Business Continuity drill by BMC that tries to simulate a totally disruptive situation to your business and how do you cope up with least hiccups.


And here I am logged in from a completely different IT setup, a different city using a desktop computer with none of my familiar software. Once I was officialized on the network - Big thanks to the IT magicians team, there was no looking back.


Seriously and an hour into the drill some business-critical employees still are fish out of water because of the restraints of accessing their usable communications and process utilities.


Reduce friction for your critical processes

While your tools-of-trade might be hosted on a thick client placed on a secured network, and cannot be compared with my utility belt, think of of saas and mobility and ease-of-use elements of a Social Business platform you could use to run some of your critical business processes:

  • During my entire journey to get to this alternate site (3 hours in car) I could keep interacting from my Mobile on key stuff that required my quick responses.
  • All my data points and resources are available to me when I opened up this web interface from the computer. I did not need one more access, remote desktop, shared folder, local copy of any file.
  • Even when I'm not on a con-call/meeting, online collaboration continues to happen within teams I'm working with
  • To jump back on items I'm required my Social Inbox immediately helps me get synced on work
  • And I can see friends from around the world have continued the good work of helping our users


Think of BMC Communities as Pocket Social app - that let's you keep things on the web that you want to access from any place, anytime on any device at a later time. While it may actually not help you to develop on your code, it can certainly come in handy to help you remain close to Business as Usual and help you best tide over unforeseen transition times during disruptions.

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rss espresso.jpg

It has been a while I had posted this Tip about being served content on topics of your interest.

Today's tip is all about geeking out with RSS Feeds and some cool Social automation that serves you realtime content when it is created.

<< Image from


1. Define your Search scope and get the RSS feed from BMC Communities

E.g. if you think you'd like BMC Communities be a good source of the 'byod and itsm' world, Use them as your Search scope - 'BYOD ITSM' and pick up the RSS feed from the small RSS icon at the top of the Search results feed.

rss feed for your search.png

The RSS feed is updated whenever BMC Communities has any content Discussions, Documents, Blogs created on the Topics you defined.

So if you like to be served some hot content coffee, you may want to Put the Internet Work for you. Yes that's the promise of IFTTT.


2. If This Then That

The IFTTT automation expects triggers or updates on one side of the equation getting which it can automate certain web based/Social media actions that you define. These equations are called Recipes.


  • First create yourself an account on
  • To get some fresh BYOD ITSM brew, this Recipe could work for us

[if] This: The RSS feed of our Search (step 1) [then] That: A Direct Message on my Twitter account


See here to see details of creating a Recipe on IFTTT

Create the Recipe choosing RSS feed for your if condition and choose from the Then options to suit your style of receiving automations. I like a Direct message on Twitter. There are 100s of other options available: Create a Note on Evernote, Create a Reading list on Google Reader, a file on Dropbox, or an email.

Also see these really handy Recipies available already in the gallery.

ifttt automation.png


- There you are you need to set up this automation Once. Get the content served straight to you over your favorite technology.

Twitter DM.png

Meanwhile in my Twitter inbox

<< This very blog post is served hot to me as the first cup. It indeed is BYOD considering how you can use Twitter effectively to automate work




3. Share your Recipe

Here is the 'BYOD_ITSM content' Recipe that you can start using right now. No customizations required.


IFTTT Recipe: Serve me some BYOD ITSM coffee connects feed to twitter

Do let us know about your IFTTT Recipes, or even other Automation hacks that help you utilize BMC Communities better by Commenting on this blog post.

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Many of you might have seen a flurry of irrelevant posts on BMC Communities of late.

Well sometimes that's what happens to very active Communities like ours, and thanks to our great users who make it such an attractive platform for everyone.


Don't worry, we've been rapid to stamp out such posts and users from our Community.

  1. If you find spammy posts, do use the Report Abuse feature and the Community admin will take care.
  2. who are you.jpgAlso we have secured the gates, i.e. New users registering will be manually approved and allowed to create an account.

So it's a good idea to help us identify you better by completing your profile with:

  • your full name
  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Bio
  • Url to point to your LinkedIn profile

After all, knowing others and being better known is the basic building block of a good Professional network.

Image source

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The ability for BMC Communities members to message each other privately has just been updates. You're now welcome to send a direct message without the requirement of following each other.


To send a direct message to another member, or a group of members, select Message on their profile page.




In the message box that appears, enter other member's names and select their profile as it appears in the dropdown. Once all members have been added to the message, enter a title, message and select Send.


Message Box.png


The ability to direct message was previously disabled due to spam issues, so if we receive feedback that they are violating the BMC Communities Guidelines and Rules, they may be reviewed by moderators and the feature ultimately disabled.


When sending a direct message, please consider whether it should be posted as a discussion or question in the community. If it could help other members with the same question not, or in the future, post it as a question or discussion.


We previously advised on sending a private discussion to communicate between a group of members, but to prevent product questions from being posted to profiles and not receiving a response, we've disabled this feature. Direct messages are the only way to communicate privately between another member, or group of members.


Should you have any questions, please post them as a comment below or in Using Communities.

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Please note that BMC Support's dial in number 1-800-537-1813 is currently down.

The telecom team is currently working to restore it.


In the mean time you can contact Support on the (713) 918-2950 number which is operational. You can always log a new ticket or update an existing one on BMC Support Central.


We'll update you when it is back.

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The Community comes together

As Bill Emmett rightly puts in his blog post, The power of community, it is People that make all the difference.


We see the full phenomenon come to life with events like the wwrug13 happening right now with end users of a technology coming together from over the world, to enjoy themselves and their favorite technology. Remedy geeks and itsm gurus are having a beer together at the WWRUG13 conference happening at the Fairmont hotel, San Jose, California. This is a great example of how real, a tech-fraternity can get!


You can join too

Don't worry if you could not be in San Jose in-person, there's still a world of opportunities for you to tune in for all things Remedy:


  • Instant updates and pics from attendees on Twitter - Follow hashtag 'wwrug13'
  • Discussions about the event on The specified item was not found.
    • Follow the group to catch up on recap posts, like this electric performance of theThe specified item was not found. from last year.
  • Interact with Remedy experts 24x7 directly on the product community dropdown from the top navigation.
    • BMC Remedy community, and children for broader Service Support and ITSM related subjects, and
    • Remedy AR System for your core technology questions



Share examples, as comments on this blog post, where your excitement with a product/brand grew manyfold because of the feeling of a Community you felt being a part of, using it.

Join the Community today.

For upcoming events in your area follow the BMC Event Calendar.

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8439633169_8722f4f4fd_n.jpgInteracting with BMC Communities

There are many applications of BMC Communities. This is how the overall engagement happens with Prospects, Customers and Partners.


If you are just interested in BMC products, mouse-over on the Products menu item on the header navigation to unveil all BMC Products.


Thanks to Laurent Matheo for this cool illustration how to do that, on the Products community.

<< Maserati launch on Flickr



Can't find your product on that list?

May be you are familiar with an acronym, like "ARS" or an earlier product name like "Patrol", you can still find the relevant community bySearching through Content, People and Places on BMC Communities.

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old-car-garage.pngThe life of a file

Do you have some old files with you, on your computer or some shared drive, that no one seems to care about?

Nowadays I do everything online, for e.g.

<< photo by


But like you, I too have files all over my local machine, shared drives on the network or some hidden directory. Some that I had developed with some great enthusiasm, compiled with a lot of homework, some of them have even had some mileage over emails, some others could never see the light.

And with time we kind of loose track of them and they die, are not removed but remain mummified in their local confines.



The ^ life of a file

So if you believe there's still some miles on your file, this is how BMC Communities helps you get it on the road again.


1. Upload as a file

For your ppts and pdfs (or even Word docs) Upload it as a file and use the preview feature to show off to your Social group/community or even public. You'll be able to describe it with some intro text and viewers will have a cool inline browsing experience.


2. Include it in a Discussion

For technical discussions and product documentations you can Attach files, in your discussion replies. Just look out for the 'Advanced editor' text on your Reply editor and you'll be able to.

If you have lengthy log files, do not copy + paste them in your reply, rather attach the file in your reply.


System of engagement

What you just did is share your file with people (public/private) instead of having it locked away under a system of Record.

Your post will appear in the Activity stream of the Community/ Social group where more people are tuned in to and they'll be updated, even from their mobile devices. You'll have a url to share with more folks over emails/ IM conversations with anybody in the world.


Ready to revisit some old gems on your computer and give them a new life?

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One of the most anticipated features the new BMC Communities brought, aids us go email-less and really fast is the ability to point communicate with users Twitter style, on the Community directly by at_mentioning them on your content.


Mentioning people

Start by typing @ and then the person's name/username. Now with the huge userbase we have, sometimes you would be faced with the case of multiple people with the same name.

Here are a few tips to find the right person:amit-rajesth-at-mention.png

  1. Start with the most unique identifier. For e.g. if I want to @mention my friend Amit Rajesth I usually start out with his lastname, 'Rajesth', which is unique; Amit being a common firstname in India . Or use their Communities username.
  2. Continue typing user's firstname_lastname to narrow down the suggested choices. (with an underscore, as you can see in the Hint on the right screenshot)
  3. For people who only have a firstname, you can actually right-click the names  from the choices to open them in new tabs to see which 'Amit' you want to choose.
  4. If it is a guru who you've recently mentioned, guess what, it is probably already there on your list when you just type the @ symbol.

Tip: Conversely, for you to be easily found, please make sure your profile is complete with your first and lastname.


Content and Places

In the same way you can include Content, Community or a Group directly on your content without having to select and hyperlink your text using the editor. As the system suggests you (in the screenshot above) type the space name or Title of the content and join multiple words using an underscore. Very useful for content curation.



Hope this tip help you locate the right people every time and include the content and places that would matter the most in your Discussions, Documents or blog posts. For more tips, make sure you follow Using Communities.

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walk.pngMy last week's tip was definitely about Running on BMC Communities. It's good to explore such cool capabilities, but before we got there,

like the saying goes:

We must learn to walk before we can run.


Learning to walk

Here's a set of 5 simple steps that gets you started with taking your first steps on the platform.

  1. Complete your profile - A community is about people and connections, present yourself right.
  2. Search before asking - The answer might already be out there; you could save on time.
  3. Find the right experts - If you need to ask the experts, you gotta ask where they are.
  4. Familiarize yourself - Take a tour of basic features and also get your first points.
  5. Remember password - Don't have to worry about your credentials for your next login.


So whether you are new to BMC Communities, or an advanced user already running on the system, you might like to check back on the above list to ensure that you have firm grounding of your every step.

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What business wants?

Among other things the business really wants to know the Impact and Effort involved for the set of items you present. Before we delved into all the details, at the requirement-gathering phase, it may be good to summarize your case based on the basic business wants:


  1. Think about the high level categorization to represet your requirement/proposal items
  2. Create a document with a table of items according to business priority
  3. Try the sorting magic to make your data talk on the very document your are presenting:
      • Without a clunky spreadsheet as an attachment
      • Having to maintain and email versions
      • Enable feedback and edits on the very document from the team

Image from


For e.g. this is my proposed methodology for our next project - You can Click on the header items to sort my Proposals according to 'Biz value' and 'Ask' below


ProposalBiz valueShift in thinking
1. Collaborative authoring - One living document (and no attachments)HighMed
2. Social inbox - Inbox on the cloud & for your mobileMedHigh
3. Social project cycle - Collab & team-buildingHighHigh
4. Having fun - Geeky need not be boring!?HighLow
5. Fully mobile - Designing for the mobile workforceMedHigh


Do you have what you need?

Do you think you'll use this online-collab approach for your next deliverable or use a xls spreadsheet on your laptop, a shared drive, or keep printouts inside your drawer?


We'd love to know how you may like to use tables to sort and present your data - Please comment on the post to share your ideas.

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If you are getting this page on Internet Explorer 8 while trying to access BMC Communities, (and I'm not saying you would )


- there is 1 check you could do on your end, IF you are a fierce IE loyalist:

Check your IE8 Security settings

Check if your IE8 setting is TLS1.2.

If it is, you need to change it to a TLS1.0  or TLS1.1

This is how you do it:

  1. Open Internet Explorer. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab, and then select the Use TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.0 check box.

And you should be good.


Oh, btw, I'm no expert on this, Thanks to Richard Parkinson who elevated that things break with this particular setting.

He's the expert, I just read up Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS) on the Microsoft forum.

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