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Shortly BMC will be rolling out new Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for the BMC Communities.  We are excited about the changes and hope that you will be as well.  With the new T&Cs BMC will be lifting some of the restrictions that we have in place current around contributing content to the community.  We want the community to be a place where all the user are free to share and collaborate on the content contributed to the community.  The new terms move us closer to that vision by removing many of the restrictions that are current in place with regard to sharing and collaboration in the current T&Cs.


Our goal is to facilitate sharing or content such as:


  • ADDM users could provide TPL scripts for discovery of new types of endpoints or other configuration data.
  • CMDB users could provide extensions for new CI definitions
  • SRM users could provide new application skins
  • Atrium Orchestrator users could share useful workflows
  • Automation users can share sample packages, scripts, or drivers
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management Blueprints
  • Database Automations actions


With our new terms users will be able to share these kinds of innovations in a "open" licensing model that allows others in the community to use and extend these innovations.  In the next few days you will be asked to accept these new Terms.  We hope that you agree that they are an improvement.  We look forward to seeing all of the new and wonderful contributions that will be shared!




Your BMC Communities Team.


UPDATE (July 2nd): adding a pointer to the Guidelines and Rules (that contains full updated T&C)


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