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About BMC Communities Survey

BMC Communities is a platform to help you succeed with our products, and we want to ensure the experience we provide here is driving it. Every six months, the Communities Team runs a survey in an attempt to hear directly from you on what you love here, and what needs to be improved. Your comments are taken into account while designing the future of our programs, and the overall experience we provide.


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Why should I take this survey?

In the last six months, apart from the regular programs, we focused on your key asks from our September '19 survey. Here are some highlights:


Your feedback
Actions taken

Need improvements to the Ideation program

This was definitely the most important feedback we got from last survey, and we are currently working on improving the ideation program with key customer champions, as well as our product teams. Currently some UX changes are being rolled out one by one.


Product managers are on board with the new strategies around functional changes, and you can expect considerable improvements in the coming months.

Need a mobile app for BMC Communities

In an attempt to provide you with a proper mobile experience, we beta tested a flavour of mobile app with some of you, and collected the feedback. It definitely helped mitigate the constant need to login while using a mobile browser; and we are now confident about a future that is mobile!


We are currently evaluating the options to have a fully native mobile app, and you will be updated on the plans very soon.

Need answers to all questions asked in product communities

This has been our main focus since mid-2019, and we are happy to say that the number of questions that are left without any response has considerably decreased. This couldn't be done without the help of our Champions; so thank you folks for caring about Communities and fellow members!


Well, we also had a bit of fun as well! Remember the holiday game with Christmas lights and New Year fireworks? That was enjoyed by a lot of our members. With 400+ comments, the Happy Holidays blog post stands as the most commented content right now! Recently we also celebrated Valentine's Day, where we had members sharing love to their communities champions who always help them.


Take the survey, and grab more points!

To make this even more interesting, we are gifting +1000 points and a profile badge to all our members participating in the survey. All you need to do is take the survey, come back to this blog post and comment how BMC Communities help you succeed.


The survey ends Tuesday, 31st March.

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