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i post stuff regularly on BMC communities, often what i find is ideas are voted on but not added as they dont have enough votes, i also notice some people simply dont vote or even logon to communities, would it not be better to look at page view for discussion, if you look at my discussion areas, notice the page views on my discussions/ideas etc, this is where the pain is and what people want to see i think, notice how many views we get for BMC application Visibility manager, which i think does go the way the market is going, people really want to know about application monitoring rather than infrastructure monitoring,


i also notice probable root cause analysis has taken a big hit on page views, surly then page view is better to look at what people have an intrest in and what should be looked at? its certainly a pointer to what people want to see or have interest in.BMC Customer ProgramsTrueSight Operations Mgmt Matt Laurenceau, Seth Paskin