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How it all started


Started as an Off Topic discussion, we wanted to have an informal fun game around member profiles. Many of our friends showed interest in that Highly memorable profiles? thread, which prompted us to go wide, and start Celebrating impactful Community Members!


The idea was to celebrate people who are contributing to our Communities and have created their own personal branding with excellent profiles.


The Winners


Initially we decided to pick top 5 profiles; but honestly with so many amazing people out here, we had a hard time picking winners. So we are going to pick 10 profiles that stood out, and here are them! (not in any particular order)



Ben Davies


Tamara Ehmoser


Roland Pocek

mohammad rehman.png

Mohammad Rehman

rodrigo barcat.png

rodrigo barcat


Crystal Crenshaw


Sidhdesh Punaskar

Marek Ceizel.png

Marek Ceizel

Criss Coffey.png

Cris Coffey

Karren Farrell.png

Karen Farrell



Congratulations to all our winners! It would be amazing if all our members took inspiration from these champions, and keep an updated & complete profile for themselves!


What happens next

All the top 10 winners will get +15000 points each, while the other nominees will receive +1000 added to their profiles.


Don't forget to check out their profiles, and if you have any other fun pictures with our champions, feel free to share with us in the comments below.

The fun doesn't end here; keep watching this space for more interesting challenges coming your way soon (remember the snowfall challenge from last year?).