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What"s a Community? A set of people, with a shared goal.


Why is a Community so powerful?

Because  people know each other, and care about each other.

We'd like a pause and send kudos to many of you


Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 14.35.21.png

No such profile: on BMC Communities, real people interact with real human beings



Everything began with a very informal post, Highly memorable profiles? (yeah, a lot of us care about off topic items: we tend to stay cool and take it easy )

We were initially willing to give kudos & points to the Top 5.


But then many of you engaged, so we looked closer at how profiles evolved in the past months.

Surprise. We had a problem, a very good problem to have.

Many of you now have a very memorable profile!


So we had to adapt, and delayed this contest to make it more meaningful.

Jury was formed with Digital-minded people from Americas, EMEA and APAC.


And we looked at Community Members who have:

  • Engaged recently (sure, people increase value of the Community when they interact)
  • Compelling profiles, illustrated by:
    • custom avatar (yep, we don't want to see the default anonymous avatar)
    • Memorable Pictures, with you and/or your team, or things you like, or intriguing visuals, etc.
    • Other profile attributes: Job Title, Company, URL...


With such a big Community, with so many people in various countries & roles, interacting around various products and Use Cases, it was quite a task!


People we spotted

Many of you indeed, grouping on columns so that the list is not too big: (no specific sorting )


rodrigo barcat
Crystal Ashton
kedar zavar
Mohammad Rehman
Andreas Kunz
Paul Donder
Babar Shamsi
Marek Ceizel
Parag Ghanekar
Jerker Billberg
Ingrid Stone
Chris Troyer
John Wisdom
Lorraine Sanner

Wayne Staton

Ross Cochran

Feli Brachthaeuser

Karen Farrell

Juraj Bercik

Christoph Klapetke


Bhanu Prakash Badiginchala

Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux

Holly Mullins

Ganesh Gore


Mark Francome
Adriano Gomes
Paul Robins
Robert Stinnett
Keyur Patel
Tully Krastins
Ilyas Shaikh
George Lau
Juan Pablo Ojeda
Markus Keller

Steve Gibbs

Philipp Ernicke

Fabrice Creton

Julien Devienne

Nicolas Roome

Vern Meyer

Jacque Donald

Romuald Bois

Cris Coffey

jacquie harrison

Stefano Omini

Martin Faulkner

Lorenzo Lissoni

Peter Davenport

Martin Penev

Tony Chung

Peter Lundqvist

Crystal Crenshaw

Tamara Ehmoser

Carl Wilson

Anne Brock

Mohammed Gharaibeh

Phillip Brockhaus

Gustavo del Gerbo

Gajanand Patil

Theo Fondse

Ankit Tiwari

Abhay Bagalkoti

Dieter Bertram

Petrus Johansson

Andrew Waters

Brian Morris

Hitesh Jha

Chris Hughes

Jean Louis Deshairs

Mark Lemar

Jan Sierens

Kerryn Wood

Ryan Nicosia

Sidhdesh Punaskar

Sanket Mhatre

Al O'Connor

Razeem Mohamed

Patrick Mischler

Reto Streit

Ash Hall

Stefan Hall

Ben Davies

Bill Robinson

Drew Trachy

Aryan Anantwar

Paul Seager-Smith

Gordon McKeown

Roland Pocek

S. Crawford

Meeta Lalwani

Greg Michael

Seth Paskin

Neena Ahirrao Guha

Kapil Dingore

LJ LongWing

Greinger Longbotton

Patrik Stanz

Katie Carty Tierney

Alvaro Paronuzzi

Nischitha Markand Rao

Deepa Bhat

Pascal Junker



Next Steps

If you're featured in the list, celebrate, you'll get extra points for being short-listed.

If you're not listed but believe you should be, just comment so that we check out your profile and engagement

In the next 2 weeks,

  • extra points will be given to Members of this list
  • If you still want to improve your profile, and run for extra contests (Halloween, Go Crazy, etc.), go ahead and do it, then add a comment
  • Vishnu Nair will declare the final winners