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We're ready to share analysis and take-aways of the March '19 survey.

As usual, it was a great processes to interact with you on things you love, like and dis-like on BMC Communities.

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Visual credit: SuperOffice

Many successes

Quantity or quality? For this survey, we had both quantity and quality!

We had 11% more responses than the previous survey. Great growth in Control-M for example

With 669 responses, we're confident that the survey represents what the vast majority of Community Members want.


The level of satisfaction is also all-time high,

  • globally on BMC Communities
  • overall for features: login, post, search, etc.
  • overall for programs: KB Articles, Blogs, Betas, Ideas, etc.
  • for all product families


We're very happy about this feedback, but always want to learn from you about ways to improve, so we focused on the issues you pointed out.





Improvement Areas


Your feedbackActionsStatus & Next Steps
You wish to have more comments about ideas you postWe're working with several product teams (especially Product Management) so that they not only look at the top idea, but also comment on them even more (to be honest, many of them do already), so that you have feedback about how your idea resonates

While we continue to work internally, we also have a call to action for you all:

Please walk the talk, and comment on ideas from others.

The more you do that, the clearer the idea will be, and the more productive it will be for Product Managers to then have aha-moments and informed decisions.


For more, please engage on Ideas FAQ

You'd like to seamlessly comment on KB Articles, allowing quick crowdsourcingWe've now enabled comments on KB Articles from the vast majority of Products

You can go ahead and comment on each KB Article, to let us know how they work for you (including improvement ideas).

Bonus point (yep, treasure hunt) if you can find KB Articles that do not yet allow comments, and let us know by commenting below this post


For more, engage on FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities

You requested more awareness around Beta Programs

We're making progress in several directions:

  1. We're now running beta Programs for more products (yep, we're even touching new product families)
  2. We're improving the way we communicate for each beta program, so that you do not miss any (it may mean several reminders for each)
Make sure you follow the Products you care about, and you'll be notified for each program
You'd like it to be even faster to find your product communities

What we did:

  1. we added metatags with keywords (for example "dwp"), so that you can easily find communities when using the top-right Search: Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.22.09.png
  2. We continue simplification for community names, removing acronyms/names from the past: for example ADDM is being removed from Discovery, and MyIT removed from Digital Workplace (but the respective keywords still work )


What we recommend you do:

  1. Go ahead and follow communities you care about, you can then quickly find them in Your Places.

The technical modifications have been done on BMC Communities.


We're working with Miles Escow on a Favorite concept, so that you can easily select your favorite products, and they will appear as communities you follow

You'd like more awareness of Partner Community

We have a public Partner community, where you can learn more about Partners, and engage with them.

And if you're a partner, you have access to private communities

Have a specific question about partners? Ask it on their community, and things will move fast


What do you think about these changes?

Will they indeed improve your experience on BMC Communities?