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Now that March survey is closed, it's time to prepare April (on this 1st day of the month).


I'm not ready to share detailed survey datapoints, but you all can celebrate, with these highlights:

  • we had 11% more responses than in Sept 2018 (that was already higher than March '17)
  • the responses are also very positive! (and insightful too, for things we need to improve)


Thank you make making BMC Communities a great place to connect, share & discover.

Far less communities?

Let's think about big impactful things we want to do in 2019.

We see a lot of value in reducing fragmentation, making sure that people learn more from from each other.


What if we merged some communities to force this?


Since we didn't want to be biased, the grouping proposed below was done randomly, and we'd like your feedback:


Communities to be merged (final name TBD)Comments
Remedy ITSM and TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt2 very big (and mature) communities, it should be great
Control-M and TrueSight Server AutomationRobert, wouldn't it be great? (perhaps you influenced the random choice )
TrueSight Capacity Optimization and DiscoveryWe've been lucky that both of them focus on the server/back-end infra, not the client side
Digital Workplace and TrueSight Operations MgmtWell, Tamara, Roland, how would it work out?
Client Management and BMC Helix Cloud Security & CostThis would be an interesting mix, I wonder what will come out of that
BMC Helix Remedyforce and TrueSight OrchestrationOhhh, that sounds like a very interesting mix
MainView and Track-It!Rarely used in the same shop, so mingling Members should have interesting results
Customer Support Community and Customer ProgramsAs far as I remember rules, Beta Program Members need to have a Support contract (right Loretta?), so that could work out fine
Jobs/Careers and Off TopicBecause we want workstyle to be fun, don't we?
Sentry Software and Italy User GroupBecause Bertrand would probably love to visit Roma, and Venice


Next Steps

If you agree with these grouping, please let us know by commenting.

If you have any concern with this grouping, or have other fun groupings to propose, please comment.


If we have more green lights than red lights, we'll proceed with the merges in exactly 1 week, by April Monday 8th.



No kidding, survey results are exciting indeed (a lot of positive feedback, and also things we need to work on to provide a better Experience for everybody)

We'll share them end of April, exact day TBC.


We've simplified a lot Communities in 2018, we'll only do minor tweaks in 2019.


In the meantime, enjoy today, and share some humour as comment


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