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In September, a whopping 600+ of you responded to the Communities survey. We also had 200+ public comments, thanks for your engagement!


Satisfaction is moving up on BMC Communities, globally and also when looking at details:

  • on all features: login, posting, interacting...
  • and most Programs: Discussions, Blogs, KB Articles, Events, etc.


Also, 41% of you declared using BMC Communities daily (and 43% weekly). The figures are backed up by our site stats, and illustrate how active our Communities are.


of survey respondents use BMC Communities daily or weekly


OK, let's call it done for celebration.


Our goal is to address your concerns, so let's list key "improvement areas" you've given:

  • KB Articles: how to easily give feedback on Articles? How to make it easier for you to find them?
  • Discussions: ways to have more Helpful and Correct answers? And less questions without any answer?
  • Ideation: can we have more feedback on the ideas that are posted?
  • Profile: making it even easier to login, and personalize your Communities profile, with your identity


In the next paragraphs, I'll describe actions we're taking to address (or at least make progress) on each of them.


Should you be interested in a specific topic: just click on it below:

Knowledge Base

Commenting on Articles

KB Articles on BMC Communities are creating a lot of value.

It is now the Program with best CSAT (even higher than Blogs!), and traffic on these resources is still growing:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 09.09.54.png

Each month, 50k+ Unique Visitors on KB Articles


Several of you have requested comments to be allowed on Knowledge Base Articles for a couple of Products that do not allow it yet.

Thanks Marek Ceizel, Lars Mahrendorf, Stefan Hall, Henrik Hauchwitz, Shameem JS, Mohammad Rehman, Fritz Erlangga, Robert Burton, Martin Froewis, Martijn Haverhoek, Ali Khoshkar,


Stepping back: comments are currently allowed for:


We are working with Support Management to soon allow comments for the Remedy stack (Remedy AR System, Remedy ITSM, CMDB, Digital Workplace)

We see this as an efficient Case deflection tactic (benefitting all Community Members and Support teams), and are looking forward to helping productive interactions on KB Articles.

Cameron McConnell and Brad Schmitt shared with me their latest plans a couple of hours ago, they are planning to allow comments for KB on the full Remedy stack around Xmas. Exciting, isn't it? More details on this soon.



Finding KB Articles

There are already several ways to help you search KB Articles, and we're testing new one's

Heads-up Angeline Law, Rick Ruitenberg, T. D., and Henrik Hauchwitz who gave us feedback on this topic


As you know, they are indexed on, so you can search on the web with any complex query pattern.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 09.16.49.png

Google drives traffic to this WMI Queries Fail.. Article


On each KB Article, you can see:

  1. related resources in the right rial (Incoming links and More like this),
  2. and a link (at the bottom) to go KB Articles for this product community

At the bottom of each Article, others are 1-click away



On each Knowledge tab (see here for Discovery for example), we're proposing ways to help you find relevant content:

  1. We feature some KB Articles, and also give you ways to browse them by Category (Admin, Install/upgrade, Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting)
  2. New we're testing a search capability (for now, only for products that allow comments, see live list on KB FAQs), that will search resources in this very product community, see screenshot below please test it out and give us feedback about this feature


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.26.41.png

In-context, for given product, search KB Articles




Many product communities are so active that some questions fall into the cracks.

  • some of them (on average 5% each month) do not get an answer at all,
  • many answers are not flagged as Helpful or Correct (that's a bummer, that would help everybody else to easily spot good knowledge).

Thanks Razeem Mohamed, Sarah Winthorpe, for elevating that concern


Email notification footer reminding everybody


We're taking 3 approaches:

  1. We'll give more points to people who show good behaviours: reply to a discussion, flag as Helpful or Correct, or receive a Helpful or Correct on their answers
  2. We're changing the Email template to remind people to not only "reply by email, with their Email client", but to go online, and engage on the comments that they received
  3. We're working with key TrueSight community Members so that a systematic approach is done for these products. Should you be interested, comment and this blog post, and Timo Schmidt & Roland Pocek will help





While ideas are seen as a transparent approach to manage RFEs (far more than a back-box process ), there is concern in the Community regarding some ideas being ignored, by other Community Members and eventually by Product Management.

Thanks Juan Jose Algar Ortega, Mark Edwards, Patrik Stanz, Linda Kirkpatrick for your feedback.


We're taking 2 actions:

  1. We are working with various Product Mgmt teams to ensure alignment on the processes.
  2. Also, we want to make sure that you all walk the talk, and engage on ideas from others too: please do what you'd like others to do on your ideas (once a week, 10min max each time?)  look at the ideas tab for the product you care about, comment with what you feel about them (how could this very idea create even more value), and vote.


On all Product communities, you can focus on ideas, and engage


As you can guess, the 2nd tactic (really crowdsourcing curation of ideas) will help our Product Managers to best prioritize all the ideas (the highly valuable one's will bubble up).

To reward these actions, we're boosting up the points you get when commenting on an idea



We want to continue to ensure you have a productive personalized experience on BMC Communities, allowing you to connect with others and succeed.

As a consequence, we want you to:

  1. Very easily authenticate
  2. Personalize your profile (so that people connect with you, nobody wants to talk with an anonymous avatar


Advanced SSO

We're using shared credentials (unified login/password) with Support, Docs, Academy... for the past 2 years.


New Late Oct, we've finalized to roll out some new technology, called passive authentication. It makes sure that if you're logged in on a given site (like Support or Docs), your session follows when you then go on BMC Communities, so that you don't have to click Login again, you're already authenticated, ready to engage.


In 1 month, 3k of you benefitted from this seamless authentication

Have you noticed this change?

Your username

We adopted SSO 2 years ago, and you don't have to use your "username" to login on BMC Communities, but your Email address (authenticating you on all sites).

It's still very important on BMC Communities, that's in you profile URL (exactly like on Linkedin, or Twitter)


As any nickmane or pseudo, we see that you care about your Communities username (I do too, for myself ), and pick very specific one's. And not sure I know the stories for each. See for example:

Unfortunately, since a username is a core system property, there is currently no self-service way for you to personalize it (or even to request the Communities team to change it).


We're fixing that!

We're now providing you a way to have your username updated. Next time you update your profile, you'll see a way for you to request your username to be changed.




To celebrate these changes on Communities profiles, we're also updating the default avatar.


Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.18.39.png

Looked quite strange, didn't it?

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 15.17.00.png

Looks much better, doesn't it?

That's only the default avatar, we make it generic enough so that you want to personalize it, and upload pixes (other Community Members will connect far more with you with a real picture, nobody wants to talk with an anonymous avatar)



We'll monitor in the next months how activities happen on these topics. And in March, with next Communities survey, we'll learn from you progress we've done.

Any feedback to give? Comment below