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We finished March with exciting comments from you all about BMC Communities, and the value you were getting out of it (see March Survey also featuring public feedback, yeah, we're that authentic )

What we learnt in the past months

While we're processing the hundreds of survey responses (with cross-tabs, correlation, variance and more data science fun), we'd like to give early feedback:

  1. Overall CSAT
  2. Program update
  3. Community Profiles



With partial datapoints I have while I'm authoring this post, let's celebrate, we reached an exciting CSAT milestone:


67% of respondents rated BMC Communities 4 or 5 stars.

Thank you! Not only for giving that feedback, but for actually being the people who deliver such great Experience.

You all create such successes, by engaging on BMC Communities, sharing with each other


In the Communities team, we're only making sure to connect people, and fostering knowledge exchange and engagement (the blood of any Community).

I'd like to thank key people who are helping this magic:


Program update

The other exciting feedback is that the Programs we're introducing help you all:

  • Knowledge Base Articles
  • Learn Experience (on some communities)
  • Community Profiles


Knowledge Base

As an example, the Knowledge Base Program (public Support Knowledge Articles appearing natively on Communities) is now the Program creating the best satisfaction!


Yes, even higher than very powerful Programs like Blog posts or Beta Programs for example.

I can guess we'll have a very healthy race between these Programs, to be the first in the next round of the survey, in Sept 2018.


Let's credit the Community who creates best for CSAT on this KB Program, that's TrueSight Operations Mgmt / TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt.

Congrats Kristen Linehan Grace Moceri and team for this great success


Ohhh, the KB Program is not only a success in survey responses (very subjective point of view), we also see exciting usage with strong traffic & engagement:

  • the engagement we get on KAs illustrate the value they bring
  • the traffic (including Google/Bing long-tail searches) is very high (exceeding expectations) and growing each month


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 14.24.48.png

Visits on Knowledge Articles on BMC Communities


Learn more

Did you notice that we silently launched some Learn tabs in a couple of Product Communities?

Many of you sure did, traffic has been growing 2x WoW each of the recent weeks

The goal of these "pages" is to curate very valuable resources for a given product, making sure you can quickly learn about a product, or a new release of this product.

In order to achieve that,

  • we make sure you're exposed to a small set of resources
  • On each resource, you can engage: make a comment (with a question or feedback), bookmark, share, etc.
  • we welcome your contributions: make sure you post documents that enable about a specific them/feature, and they'll be considered for this Learn page

Where would you want to see that initiative going? Please comment with thoughts


Community profiles

We've noticed that many of you do not have a complete profile:

  • no photos, or at least no avatar (this small visual is what people see first, near your name, when they see engagement from you)
  • no Job title, or Company
  • wrong country


It's highly valuable (for you) to have a complete profile:

  • people interact far more with somebody real than with an anonymous avatar
  • in your URL profile field, you can include your Linkedin profile, increasing even more chances for Career growth.
  • and more, many more!


What we're anticipating for the next months

Simplifying Communities

We're heard from many of you that you want simplicity, ease of use, so we'll be simplifying various Product communities,

  • sometimes retiring (or at least moving) communities that do not make sense anymore (goal is for the Products menu to be far easier to use)
  • sometimes merging communities because there is big overlap in shared purpose and audience (goal is for all remaining communities to reach critical mass of users).

Any specific Community that you believe doesn't have enough Activity? Please comment and share your perspective

Growing Communities Activity

You've seen hints recently of more engagements from champions, including BMCers

You'll experience more in the next weeks.


Knowledge will spread around at social-speed if you use the BMC Communities platform capabilities at their best:

  • Following key Communities you care about, Following (In your Communities Inbox) key experts
  • Using top-right Search to easily find resources (content), place (communities, groups) and people
  • Completing (personalizing) your profile


That's how I like to see Sean and Rick

Shall we begin with a fun profile game?

What if you added an informal photo on your profile, and comment below so that we check it out?

As you can guess, Sean and Rick, as  great Community Members, did not wait for this post, they already have an informal picture on their profile, and are familiar with the Off Topic Community.


Go have fun with your profile!


Want tips for your profile, including avatar, photos and profile attributes?

Shadab gave some here.