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Today we celebrate the International Women's Day to recognize women's rights and their achievements in various fields, but 24 hours is too small to celebrate womanhood across the planet. We Celebrate You and your engagement on BMC Communities for all 365 days! With women dominating across domains, it is time to #PressforProgress and continue rocking.


BMC Communities thanks all the wonderful women around, those who are an integral part of our community, for being a catalyst in our success. You are our Super Heroes!


Here are some of our Wonder Women who make BMC Communities a better place to be. Can you recognize them all?

Womens Day - BMCC.v3.jpg





Our beloved customers and partners

Anne Brock , Kelly Deaver , Isabelle Guitton , Christina Koob, Conni Kunz (and many many more...) leading the way!

Stalwarts of Service Management

The ever powerful team of Virginia Leandro , Jennifer Schertz , Serena Lambiase, Amy Pitcher and Lisa Keeler

IT Automation Champs

Suma Bhat , Dani Scherer , Soumee Phatak and Kim Wharton FTW.

IT Operations Queens

Maria Riccelli & Grace Moceri ruling it!

Workload Automation Warriors

Super awesome Kelsey McRae  & Criss Scruggs

Partner Communities and Beta Programs

Karen Farrell , Daisy Tam and Loretta Seto helping our partners and customers win.

IDD & Customer Success Teams

Michele Marques , Shweta Hardikar , Gomati Mahabal , and Deepa Bhat (now in Ux) making their presence known.

Bringing events to local user groups

Andrea Schula for Deutschsprachige User Group , Ina Shpak and Angelina Sayfi for Central User Group , Na Yi for China User Group

and many more...

May Bakken and Vidhya Srinivasan with DSM/Innovation Suite/Developer Community, Samantha Amend with Premier Support and Helen Krizek-Yost making your voice heard through surveys.

also... The BMC Communities Core Team

Puja Kumari who does all the tech magic, the ever helpful Joanne Dixon from customer care, analytics queens Marina Schubow, Rashmi Agarwal and Laboni Basu ; lastly Alexis Brown and Shannon Gburzynski for all customizations and making BMC Communities look pretty.




How can we make your day? Comment below with anything that we can help you achieve on BMC Communities today.
Always at your service!