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BMC Communities this past weekend...

com11.PNGWasn't working as expected for many users i.e the Communities Inbox was not being loaded, users were not getting notified etc. The main problem identified was a malfunction in the Communities notification center. Our engineers immediately jumped to resolve the same and live status were being updated via. Twitter / Announcement in Using Communities.


The good news

All the major notifications related functions that were corrupted are working fine now


Details with current status

Communities Inbox notifications not working / Communities Inbox not getting populated (Hence, email not being received)

2Activity streams not generatedFixed
3News stream not working as expectedFixed
4Unable to mark Communities Inbox notifications as readFixed
5Communities Inbox not showing the count of unread notifications accuratelyIn Progress


Further Action

  • Puja Kumari & team investigates more on the issue, running a root cause analysis to mitigate future hazards.



Here are few key things you can do in such situation when the notification center does down:

  • You can still find (and engage on) the recent content being published in your favorite community from the 'content' tab.

  • Keep an eye out for an announcement here on Using Communities - where we report live status updates. The announcement, though would not be able to notify you, would still be able for you to view on the landing page of Using Communities.
  • Engage on Twitter with us @BMCCommunities when there is a downtime.

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