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Hello BMC Communities!

Please take 5 minutes to fill in your responses for BMC Communities Survey.

feedback-2313803_640.jpgDuring the coming weeks, we will be conducting a BMC Communities site-wide survey. We are conducting this survey in order to get a better understanding of your needs, satisfaction, and motivations to engage on BMC Communities. Your opinions are important to us, and this survey is your chance to express those opinions.


We aim to use the survey results (feedback provided by you) for three purposes:


1. To recognize your current pain points

2. To improve your overall BMC Communities experience

3. To fix problems that stop you from being successful on BMC Communities


Exciting new updates

Many high level and tactical improvements happened in the past 6 months or so. Here are couple of the things you can enjoy now:

  1. Thousands of Knowledge Articles - Enablement content (public knowledge articles) from BMC support experts now available BMC Communities. Read more here: Many useful documents to appear for Products you use.
  2. New UX/look & feel -  We simplified how you navigate on your favourite product communities from an all you can eat experience to a more specific topic (blogs, ideas, knowledge base) focused experience to boost ease of information consumption on BMC Communities.


So... the time has come again when we need to ask you, how did we do since we last spoke?

Click here to take the survey now

Thank you for devoting your time and providing candid input.