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Early April, we were wondering what we would do with documents in the future.


We were obviously joking: in the past years, the overwhelming feedback we've received from you all (in surveys and more) is that you'd want to have easy access to more enablement resources, for each of the Products you work with, and offering compelling resources is our key goal on BMC Communities


Strategic view

We've been making progress on various individual communities, but also worked behind the scene so that something bigger was happening.

  • What if "the bigger thing" was global (all portfolio)?
  • What if the Experts were already onboarded to make such posts?
  • What if the process to regularly post enablement content was already proven as successful?


Let's be a little more pragmatic: what if, in each Products community, you could enjoy:

  • hundreds (if not thousands) of content from Support Experts?
  • ability to learn together?


Sounds exciting? So here is the big news:

We're planning to have public Knowledge Articles appearing seamlessly on BMC Communities


Benefits for everybody

Many ways to enjoy these official resources:

  • You'll find them easily when searching/browsing BMC Communities.
  • We'll be creating a specific Experience (a page in each Product community) curating recent/trending/updated/featured Knowledge Articles, and helping you to find the most relevant resource
  • Since such resources will be shared public on BMC Communities, Google (and others) will begin to index them as soon as they appear here, and you'll find them when searching on your favorite public search platform


When logged in on BMC Communities, value increases even more, and you'll be able to:

  • bookmark these Articles
  • engage on/about such resources, enabling a productive conversation with all Community Members (and the Knowledge Article to be then improved)
  • @mention knowledge articles from anywhere (a discussion, an idea, a comment on a blog post, etc.) thus guiding others to relevant resources
  • and all capabilities you're familiar with on BMC Communities


Pragmatic Next Steps

Many things in the near future:

  • In the next days, the first Knowledge Articles (KAs) to appear on BMC Communities
  • In the next weeks, more ways to find relevant KAs on BMC Communities



More news (rollout details, FAQ) will appear soon on BMC Customer Support Community

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