It's always healthy to do some Spring clean-up, let's begin in April with "documents".

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Current Status

Anybody can create documents on BMC Communities, it allows you to then collaboratively (with other Community Members) to improve content, with versioning and more.


Global assessment

In the past years, 25, 585 documents have been created, updated (often collaboratively), commented, etc.

They help us all to share lessons learnt, and improve details in a collaborative manner (based on feedback from others).


Almost 26k content seems like a good success.

Let's go one step further, and look closer.


Focus on some examples

Looking at a couple of documents (0.0011% of them, that are very impactful):

The collaborative, crowdsourced Dev wikiThe BMC CompassThe Communities coach
Remedy AR System API and Integration Interfaces Overview by Misi Mladoniczky (and many more)BMC customer orientation checklist by Miles EscowWhat's in here for you? by Shadab Ashraf

This developer-focused document has:

  • been created and improved by 10+ people around the world,
  • been commented 45 times
  • received 60 likes
  • been bookmarked 108 times!
This document was designed with people from many teams, making it easy for you all to discover the best resources to be onboarded as a new BMC CustomerThis document summarizes the benefits of being a Community Member. It proposes various next steps for you to enjoy the best of BMC Communities


Do you see value of documents?


Next Steps

As we're trying to simplify the Experience on BMC Communities,

  • should we replace these lively content with PDFs or static pages? (thus breaking people-powered content lifecycle)
  • should we prevent more than 1 person to update a given doc? (or do you like to really collaborate, and to collaboratively author content, like on Google Docs )
  • should we remove the Social Sharing buttons at the top? (allowing you to easily share a document with your Linkedin contacts for example)


We welcome all your comments, and wish you a wonderful rest of the year (April is always fun )