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Following the EMEA hangout yesterday, we just concluded the India+Aussie CMAD hangout with eager participants this side of the world.


On the hangout


Just to give you a perspective of timezones.


hangouts participants.pngCarey Walker from Melbourne on his iPhone

Paul Robins from Bendigo, Aus


Adil Kareem on his Android tablet from Bangalore

Jayesh Panchal

Ganesh Gore

Abhishek Rai

Kunal Sonawala

and me Anirban Dutta... from Pune

France (APAC??!!)

Matt Laurenceau up early!


What they say


Informal APAC discussion on broad topics around their work-life, Communities usage and expectations from the platform.




Carey Walker

As an Architect ties BMC products BMC Atrium CMDB, The specified item was not found., Discovery, TrueSight Orchestration for Australia's largest networking project. Also the owner of the Australia User Group

"Communities is a public knowledge base of BMC products".

"How great some of those posts are to really good knowledge articles".


Paul Robins

AControl-M administrator and over 20 years of experience in the Control & Workload Automation [ARCHIVED] industry."previously it was a bit like being a magician, you never give away your secrets but now we're more and more sharing stuff with our users on Communities".


Adil Kareem

AControl-M geek a Scheduling expert and a 'BMC Communities fan'."Communities has helped me and a lot of Control-M end users like me".


Jayesh Panchal

Finds Communities a great source for learning in the The specified item was not found. technologies in his role as a Remedy & CMDB developers."I started using BMC Communities by directly replying to end-user questions".


Abhishek Rai

Listens to real users of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt, spots trends and designs his content for his widely valued Pulse knowledge sharing initiative."You need not be shy, all folks are your friends"


Ganesh Gore

Super charged user in the Remedy AR System community"While working on Customer end you can refer variations of configurations and solitions of BMC's product implementation... also defects & workarounds, hosted on Communities."


Kunal Sonawala

Marketer at Vyomlabs and a key champion in the India User Group

"there could be instances where BMC Product users cannot just raise a Support ticket but need a service beyond that."

"we utilized crowdsourcing at a whole new level utilizing each and every aspect of BMC communities to deliver our Pune User Group".


Matt Laurenceau

BMC Communities Ambassador & socbiz evangelistIn the true spirit of a Community Manager, "Thank you to all".





There were a couple of common items from the Desired-future list:

  1. One login for all BMC sites - support, community, docs was by far the most demanded.
    • For Communities though you could set your browser to Remember You so you don't have to login each time
  2. Carey Walker indicated he's happy to see the platform more stable now - the back of the Red-logged out error messages for e.g.
  3. Carey also mentioned that Simplifying Product communities is key to usage and encouraged us to keep doing the hpuse-keeping which, well does not go unnoticed


The full session is 60m to enjoy details


Later today, the Americas session is coming up! Make sure you engage on this document to reserve your slot.

We've only seen the numbers grow.