Since we've launched the new design, and the new logo, we've seen many comments.

Thanks for sharing your thougths!


Let's take time to explain concepts behind the new visual identity for the company.

At the heart of it is Helix, the company’s new brand mark. Helix together with the lowercase letters “bmc” forms the new logo.


“Helix is a combination of several concepts and, together, they represent the new face of BMC,” said Naomi Miller, AVP of Corporate Marketing.


The overall shape recalls the double-helix pattern of DNA. “No matter what business they’re in, companies can only succeed today by being digital enterprises,” said Saar Shwartz AVP of Marketing. “BMC is the DNA of the digital transformation, and Helix represents that message.”


Helix also includes a double arrowhead. “Our old logo also included two arrows, but one of them was pointing backward,” noted Paul Appleby, SVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “We are a company that is about the future and we are moving ahead rapidly. The new design conveys that forward momentum.”


Lastly, Helix is similar to a stylized ‘B,’ the first letter in BMC Software’s name.



“You may notice that the word ‘Software’ is no longer a part of the logo,” added Miller. “The new logo gives us a more contemporary look, but the official company name is still BMC Software, Inc.”


We'll interact more with you during BMC Engage, focusing on what these transformations from BMC mean to you, from a Product strategy and execution standpoint.