tablet.pngBusiness Continuity

Because I live and breathe in this world this idea would not have come to me on any given day.

Right now I'm blogging from another location using a completely different network and I'm here as a part of a Business Continuity drill by BMC that tries to simulate a totally disruptive situation to your business and how do you cope up with least hiccups.


And here I am logged in from a completely different IT setup, a different city using a desktop computer with none of my familiar software. Once I was officialized on the network - Big thanks to the IT magicians team, there was no looking back.


Seriously and an hour into the drill some business-critical employees still are fish out of water because of the restraints of accessing their usable communications and process utilities.


Reduce friction for your critical processes

While your tools-of-trade might be hosted on a thick client placed on a secured network, and cannot be compared with my utility belt, think of of saas and mobility and ease-of-use elements of a Social Business platform you could use to run some of your critical business processes:

  • During my entire journey to get to this alternate site (3 hours in car) I could keep interacting from my Mobile on key stuff that required my quick responses.
  • All my data points and resources are available to me when I opened up this web interface from the computer. I did not need one more access, remote desktop, shared folder, local copy of any file.
  • Even when I'm not on a con-call/meeting, online collaboration continues to happen within teams I'm working with
  • To jump back on items I'm required my Social Inbox immediately helps me get synced on work
  • And I can see friends from around the world have continued the good work of helping our users


Think of BMC Communities as Pocket Social app - that let's you keep things on the web that you want to access from any place, anytime on any device at a later time. While it may actually not help you to develop on your code, it can certainly come in handy to help you remain close to Business as Usual and help you best tide over unforeseen transition times during disruptions.