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Many of you provided very positive feedback on the Social culture that BMC is demonstrating.

  • For example many great interactions on how social the New IT is
  • And of course, great engagement from you on BMC Communities


On the social (and disruptive) front, we're far from done!

We have many ideas that we'd like to get your feedback on.

Yes, interacting on tentative roadmap items in a social fashion!



Creative ideas at your fingertips


BMC Communities: platform

Because we strongly believe in "fun" (and happen to work closely with Microsoft), we're evaluating to make BMC Communities run on Kodu platform.

Idea owner is Sydney Dent. I've been told that he already has a prototype running (Tesla not supported though).

BMC Communities: platform

Jenn may soon appear on BMC Communities. Based on analysis of the conversation the appropriate content will be created (blog, discussion. document, idea, etc.).

Jason Miller is the proud owner for this Virtual Agent-powered idea.

BMC Communities: User Event

Based on successes of previous User Events (including last week in Bangalore), and growing momentum around BMC Engage 2014 that will happen in Florida, we're thinking about using even more exotic locations for the next events:

  • in 2015, on International Space Station (ISS): seating is limited, but view is spectacular!
  • in 2016, on the moon (discussions have begun with SpaceX)
  • on Mars for 2019, but it's a lifetime commitment

The proposals come from Michele Marques and  Sean Berry.

ProductsLaurent Matheo was not heads-down on a Beta Program, so began investigating a Google Glass interface for AR System mid-tier.

Engineers have begun investigating with Facebook what it would take to port Digital Workplace to Oculus Rift.

This idea comes from Dominic Wellington


We're already big in IoT (Internet of Things, see heads-up from Bill), and want to go further.

Amy Pitcher and Anne Brock are pioneering product extensions that would leverage fitbits:

  • ADDM would discover where you are, and propose the healthiest meals for you
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt would monitor your vitals, and send an alert to your doctor when needed


On all these proposals, we're still at very early stages.

As you can guess, we'll not be able to implement them all:

  • please help us prioritize by adding your comments
  • should you have other very valuable ideas, please post them as comments


PS: one idea was rejected (but shared here for full transparency), wiring Bill Robinson to BMC Communities (because we could not find wires with high-enough bandwidth)