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Earlier this week, I virtually sat down with 3 very active Community Members, and we chatted about best ways to be notified on BMC Communities.


The 3 power users who joined the Hangout on Air were: Jason Miller, LJ LongWing, and Laurent Matheo


Inbox FTW

As a summary, all agreed that using the Inbox was the best way not to miss engagement.

Indeed, the Inbox is where users are notified when others interact with them, or with content they contributed to.


Here, "8" is the number of items waiting for you


Once you begin to engage on BMC Communities, having a clean Inbox means that's you're checking out when people are talking about you, or content you interacted on. Basically, you're a good Social citizen.

But because the convo happened with hard core users, discussion moved way forward, and we geeked out on other topics that are very important for them, and probably is useful for many of you:

  • interaction from mobile (phone, tablet)
  • picking the brain of gurus like Doug Mueller
  • finding out other stuff to interact on


Highly Productive from Mobile

Mobile Apps (or mobile-browser-friendly view) are great ways to know what happens, and be able to interact from your phone or tablet.

They give access to your Inbox, enable you to reply, comment, like and even post discussions or status updates.


User experience is of course less rich than full-Web view, but works for many Use Cases.

In the video below, our power users also explain how consumption and/or production can begin on mobile, and continue on Web view.

To know more details about mobile access, check out right here.


Picking Brains of SMEs

A great way to learn from gurus is to follow them.

A couple of strategies here:

  1. Following these users in your Inbox
  2. Following them in a Stream with "Email notif" on (like "Email Watches" below)


Inbox, or Stream?


In last 2 paragraphs, we saw benefits of the Inbox, for quick and productive interactions

Emails have limitations (do not give 1-click access to Comments, or Like, so force you to go back and forth from Email client to Web UI), but can be useful too.


See some followfriday heads-up that were made recently.

You can sure send props to others by posting your own followfriday


Finding other engagement opportunities

One could argue that Inbox is a reactive strategy.

The 3 community members I talked with also have a very proactive approach.

Even without notification, by looking at flow of activities from others, they find opportunities to engage and help our broader.


In order to achieve this, they use Streams they set up (grouping some communities or users), or use Recent Activity widgets.


30min video, geeking out from California, Colorado and France


In the Hangout, we leveraged a prezi-powered presentation, to drill down on the various topics.


The full Prezi is right here.

Don't have a Prezi account yet? Create one and enjoy!


Do you have other tips to share? Questions about these tips? Add comments here!

Community users will reply, and we may set up another Google Hangout on Air if it makes sense.