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It has been a while I had posted this Tip about being served content on topics of your interest.

Today's tip is all about geeking out with RSS Feeds and some cool Social automation that serves you realtime content when it is created.

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1. Define your Search scope and get the RSS feed from BMC Communities

E.g. if you think you'd like BMC Communities be a good source of the 'byod and itsm' world, Use them as your Search scope - 'BYOD ITSM' and pick up the RSS feed from the small RSS icon at the top of the Search results feed.

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The RSS feed is updated whenever BMC Communities has any content Discussions, Documents, Blogs created on the Topics you defined.

So if you like to be served some hot content coffee, you may want to Put the Internet Work for you. Yes that's the promise of IFTTT.


2. If This Then That

The IFTTT automation expects triggers or updates on one side of the equation getting which it can automate certain web based/Social media actions that you define. These equations are called Recipes.


  • First create yourself an account on
  • To get some fresh BYOD ITSM brew, this Recipe could work for us

[if] This: The RSS feed of our Search (step 1) [then] That: A Direct Message on my Twitter account


See here to see details of creating a Recipe on IFTTT

Create the Recipe choosing RSS feed for your if condition and choose from the Then options to suit your style of receiving automations. I like a Direct message on Twitter. There are 100s of other options available: Create a Note on Evernote, Create a Reading list on Google Reader, a file on Dropbox, or an email.

Also see these really handy Recipies available already in the gallery.

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- There you are you need to set up this automation Once. Get the content served straight to you over your favorite technology.

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Meanwhile in my Twitter inbox

<< This very blog post is served hot to me as the first cup. It indeed is BYOD considering how you can use Twitter effectively to automate work




3. Share your Recipe

Here is the 'BYOD_ITSM content' Recipe that you can start using right now. No customizations required.


IFTTT Recipe: Serve me some BYOD ITSM coffee connects feed to twitter

Do let us know about your IFTTT Recipes, or even other Automation hacks that help you utilize BMC Communities better by Commenting on this blog post.