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Many of you might have seen a flurry of irrelevant posts on BMC Communities of late.

Well sometimes that's what happens to very active Communities like ours, and thanks to our great users who make it such an attractive platform for everyone.


Don't worry, we've been rapid to stamp out such posts and users from our Community.

  1. If you find spammy posts, do use the Report Abuse feature and the Community admin will take care.
  2. who are you.jpgAlso we have secured the gates, i.e. New users registering will be manually approved and allowed to create an account.

So it's a good idea to help us identify you better by completing your profile with:

  • your full name
  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Bio
  • Url to point to your LinkedIn profile

After all, knowing others and being better known is the basic building block of a good Professional network.

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