Since October 2013, you've probably seen badges, missions and points being updated on BMC Communities.

Check out Missions Overview to have an intro on what was deployed.


In this first wave of the launch, we've learnt many things thanks to your feedback, and the way you engaged.

Before Christmas, new behaviors were added so that Subject Matter Experts are rewarded.


Last 2 weeks of January, launch will be improved in 2 ways:

  1. Introducing rewards for new actions
  2. Re-balancing Points



Launch soon, rewarding good user behaviors (visual credits)



Actions rewarded in January 2014

This launch will again address all users, focusing on synergies between casual users and SMEs

  • Profile completeness: to allow productive conversations, users need to be familiar with each other. Most users now value their first name, last name, Job Title. We want to go one step further and focus on other fields that help individuals to best connect: Biography and URL (btw, don't forget to check privacy on all your profile attributes: usually most of them public, except email that you keep for yourself)
    • Bio: great way to introduce you to the others, in an informal manner. In this free text, you can share fun facts, or anything you want (like your Skype ID)
    • URL: what about making it easy for others to find you on Linkedin or to go on your Blog? By using the URL field, you'll make it 1-click away for users to engage more with you
  • Rewarding Users who engage: Browse BMC Communities (see Overview), interact on posts from others, follow communities and groups, flag answers you receive as Correct or Helpful, etc. By engaging more, you'll provide more value to others in the community, and you'll be rewarded for this
  • SMEs take two: we'll reward SMEs in a couple of new ways:
    • First, we'll reward users who play ball and flag good answers they receive as Correct or Helpful. This quick action, a simple "online thank you", is actually key to curate good answers. And it gives fully deserved points to SMEs, closing the loop.
    • Then, we'll thank SMEs directly for actions they make everyday to help a healthy community, like re-routing posts on the right community: by moving discussions posted on wrong communities, they help the right eye-balls to see the posts, and these discussion get a far better response rate (and more chances to get helpful/correct answers, closing the loop with SMEs)



Re-balancing Points

When we launched in October, usage of the platform was bigger than expected. It's sure a good problem to have, but it created issues, with points of many users to skyrocket at the beginning. Things have slowed down since (thanks to quick actions helped by Chetan Mahendru) and are now stabilized. But points need to be revisited to be fair with all community members.


What will happen: all the points that users received because "a discussions they created was viewed" will disappear from the system.

Thanks to this update, we'll have a healthier baseline for the points, with SMEs going at the top of community leaderboards.


And the Future?

With this launch, we'll be done with the foundations of the behaviors we want to reward, platform-wide.

In the future, we'll use these capabilities for specific programs that teams within the ecosystem are launching, verticalized for their business needs.

As teasers, in 2014, you'll probably see:


Happy interactions on BMC Communities!


To start this launch, BMC Communities will have a maintenance window starting around 6:30pm PST on Friday 17th, for a couple of hours. As usual, we'll keep you informed using @BMCCommunities