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Remedyforce + Social Media: Defined.

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BMC Remedyforce is a cloud-based IT Service Management solution. The application, built on the platform, is helping IT organizations modernize their approach to IT service management with the mobile, social and collaborative technologies that today’s modern businesses expect. Building, marketing, and selling Remedyforce while the application is at work in customer environments has turned the entire Remedyforce team into a living example of a modern, social, collaborative team.


Learn how the Remedyforce team has made social collaboration part of their workday. Then, put on your social media hat and give it a try.

85% of the Remedyforce Team Uses Social Media to connect with co-workers and peers. *2013 Remedyforce Team Social Media Usage Survey.


How To: The Social Media Tools.


The Remedyforce team leverages social platforms including, LinkedIn, Facebook, the BMC Product User Community, Twitter, and Chatter to stay connected internally as well as with Remedyforce customers and prospects. Each platform opens internal and external communication channels, which increases knowledge sharing and improves customer communication. An issue might come up on Twitter, the team discusses the solution on Chatter, then follows up with the customer. This communication process maximizes team engagement and results in happier, more engaged customers.

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97% of the Remedyforce team says social media is Important to their ability to do their job. That includes Marketing, Product, Customer Service, IT, and more.


Remedyforce Online User Community: The team has made the Remedyforce user community an online customer destination. Customers use the forum to ask questions, and provide feedback. The Remedyforce team members use it as place to learn about customer needs. Users stay engaged with new content and discussions – in FY14 engagement spiked as 31 new posts drove nearly 1500 views per posts. The team’s work has taken it from a Top 13 BMC User Community to Top 7. Now, the goal is to be in the Top 4.


Remedyforce Chatter Group: Chatter is a social collaboration tool that drives internal information sharing. The general Remedyforce Chatter Group posts 50 discussions a month about everything from industry information to IT functionality to customer support. Each Remedyforce Chatter group post averages about three comments, which means the Remedyforce team is crowdsourcing answers to their questions from all parts of the BMC organization and engaging in broad, solution-focused conversations that get results.


Remedyforce LinkedIn Group: With more than 850 members the Remedyforce LinkedIn group keeps users informed on updates, training opportunities, best practices, comments and questions, and more. The group, started by European partner Infravision, demonstrates how partners are learning from Remedyforce to successfully implement social collaboration technologies. Engagement and usage has gotten so strong that seven subgroups have emerged, which lets users interact more granularly in their geographic regions.


Remedyforce Twitter: Twitter, the 140-character revolution. In FY14 the Remedyforce team made Twitter a focus because it’s a direct line to customers, prospects, and industry influencers. The feed has grown by 260 followers, expanding the reach of the Remedyforce message with more than 450 Twitter mentions, nearly 400 retweets, and more than 1000 clicks on shared content.



Helping a Customer: Team members monitor for product mentions, then discuss internally before responding. When possible, the team drives users to more Remedyforce programs – like the online user community.



Extending Engagement: After the Remedyforce team addressed the product question the user was directed to the online user community, turning a one-off interaction into an ongoing engagement opportunity. Bonus: They sent a direct message (“DM”) with their contact information for offline support.


Social Media + You: You Can Do It.

Remedyforce Global VP of Sales, Carrie-Ann Mosley offers some tips on social media success:


  1. Be consistent and targeted with your touchpoints. You can’t do a bunch of Tweets and LinkedIn posts at one time then nothing for a week. You need a predictable frequency for the best results.
  2. Add value with the information you are giving. It can’t always be self-promotion. Your content has to be informative so the customer can apply it to their business. It also positions you, your product, and BMC as a resource.
  3. Invest in tools to help you manage social media because the only way to stay on top of the content flow is with a console. For Twitter, Hootsuite offers an amazing dashboard that helps monitor interactions, conversations, and schedules Tweets so you’re keeping consistent.