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2013 has been a big year, with lots of things happening, for example:

  • In April, introduction of streams and mobile Apps, making interactions easier
  • Exciting launches, like BMC MyIT or BMC Marketplace
  • An awesome WWRUG13 Event, where top users were recognized
  • In October, introduction of new point system, creating many opportunities (and at the same time, also creating several headaches, we're definitely working on the glitches, more news in January)
  • Last but not least, friends from BMC Support launched a public community, The specified item was not found., to interact with you in an open manner on how to best serve you (ohhh, see their wishes)


Crowd at the WW meetup in San Jose, CA (speaker here is Doug Blair )


Thank you all for your engagement in 2013!


2014 will be busy and exciting:

  • We'll perform several clean-ups,
  • Many Product & Service launches,
  • In October, the very exciting user event in Orlando
  • And many more!


In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful 2014!

Happy New Year!