The ability for BMC Communities members to message each other privately has just been updates. You're now welcome to send a direct message without the requirement of following each other.


To send a direct message to another member, or a group of members, select Message on their profile page.




In the message box that appears, enter other member's names and select their profile as it appears in the dropdown. Once all members have been added to the message, enter a title, message and select Send.


Message Box.png


The ability to direct message was previously disabled due to spam issues, so if we receive feedback that they are violating the BMC Communities Guidelines and Rules, they may be reviewed by moderators and the feature ultimately disabled.


When sending a direct message, please consider whether it should be posted as a discussion or question in the community. If it could help other members with the same question not, or in the future, post it as a question or discussion.


We previously advised on sending a private discussion to communicate between a group of members, but to prevent product questions from being posted to profiles and not receiving a response, we've disabled this feature. Direct messages are the only way to communicate privately between another member, or group of members.


Should you have any questions, please post them as a comment below or in Using Communities.