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We strive to make it very easy for all of you to collaborate on BMC Communities



It definitely works great for the vast majority of users.


But in the past days, some evil users have been sending Direct Messages (or even posting public content) that are definitely fishy or spammy.


I apologize for the inconvenience it created.

Do not follow up with the senders on these posts (but you can sure Report Abuse for best crowdsourcing of evil users)


Several actions are being taken, by various teams around the world.


Pradnya Himane's team (Anirban Dutta and more) have been working on securing content:

  • Evil accounts were shut down
  • When possible, evil content was deleted


Security teams are investigating on the users who made these posts.


At the same time, there are various activities going on to secure your experience:

  1. The ability to send Direct Messages (DM) now behaves Twitter-style: user A needs to follow user B (aka show some trust) in order for B to DM A.
  2. Several anti-spam automation tweaks are being performed


Happy collaboration!