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In October next year (from 13rd to 16th), users from all around the world will be able to regroup in Orlando, FL and connect/share/discover around amazing things that they achieve thanks to BMC Solutions.



Yes, a User Event

We really want this event to be for you, by you, with you.

Details will be shared later on content and logistics, but you'll be happy to see how users will be involved.



See of video of the venue (thanks Eric T. Tung)


Want a free pass?

Based on community engagement, we'll give a couple of free passes to this event.

There will be several programs running in the next months for this.


As a starter, we'd like you to propose the name that you think would make sense for this event ("BMC user conference" is a placeholder for now.)


To propose names (and be eligible for the free pass), add proposals as a Comment.


UPDATE: name has been decided, "BMC Engage". Congrats to Scott Thatcher. And we even have a full community to interact, BMC Engage