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With the update 10 days ago (see Let's level-up BMC Communities), several features of our platform have been impacted.

  1. Points/Reputation: far more flexiblity in point system, ability to have badges/rewards and Missions to group badges
  2. Notifications: both Email Watches and native



Things are not fully stabilized. (did they start Halloween before all of us?)

  • Points went crazy in some Use Cases (trick or treat spell?)
  • Some users have had issues to get a couple of badges
  • Notifications were up and down, Inbox sometimes keeping items as unread


Sorry about the inconvenience it created.


A team around the world is investigating + fixing.

You can expect these capabilities to be tweaked in the next days (and early November too - no plan to rest till we're not happy with the outcome )


We are working closely with a couple of users in several geos to make sure we cover everything:

  • Address all the issues
  • And make BMC Communities an even better platform for all of us to Connect/Share/Discover.


Happy Halloween!