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We always work to make it easier (and more productive) for you to engage on BMC Communities.


These past months, we have interacted with you about being able to leverage Social Authentication.

Based on these conversations (online and many offline too), we're introducing a new feature, that new users will soon be able to leverage.


In the coming days, we'll launch a new capability to create an account by leveraging a social network.

Google or Facebook (2 platforms that most individuals use daily) will be proposed for new users to create an account.


New option: Use Social platforms to create an account

(and authenticate for next visits)



  • It will be far quicker to create an account (about 4x times quicker)
  • No login or password to remember in order to engage on BMC Communities


Read more on wikipedia about Social Authentication.

Here is a FAQ Summary to better experience this new capability on BMC Communities.


What if you already have an account? (with login/password)

For all of you who already have an account on BMC Communities, your account will stay as is (we definitely have no plan to force you to move to Google or Facebook Authentication).

In other words, nothing changes for you, use your usual login/password to authenticate (and do not forget Remember Me, really handy to quickly log in)


What happens if you click on Google (or Facebook) by mistake?

Don't worry, nothing bad happens!

A window (from Google or Facebook) will ask you permission to be used for authentication. Just say NO, and your done!

Use your regular way to authenticate.


What about privacy?

Google and Facebook are used only for authentication (external authentication), it doesn't give BMC Communities any way to post on your behalf on these platforms or sneak into your social accounts.

BTW, you can tweak privacy on each field of your profile (and this works whatever your authentication method is)


Will new users be forced to use Social Authentication?

No, regular account creation (with email) and authentication (with login/password) is still fully supported.

Social Authentication is just an optional way that new users can use to create an account.

Why is it regular authentication OR Google OR Facebook?

Once you decided an authentication method (regular login/password, Google or Facebook), you need to stick to it.

If you use one and also try the others out, you will end up with 3 accounts, creating a very confusing Experience (for you and other users interacting with you), 3 "Joe User" will exist:

  • content you post is tied to one account,
  • points that your receive are tied to one account
  • when others @mention you, which account should they pick?

If you happen to create another account my mistake, just contact us, share details, and we'll help you fix this.


Will Social authenticated users still have a username?

Sure, the fact that they use another way to authenticate will actually be transparent for everybody.

The username will exist, others will be able to look at profile, see activity, @mention each other, and all actions you're familiar with on BMC Communities.


What will happen in the future?

There are various enhancements we want to implement to make things even more seamless for you.

The change we're introducing today is the foundation of many ways we can grow in the future.

Too early to share details yet. Let's first assess how this new capability is embraced.