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The WWRUG is doing terrific this year, growing again over the past years.

Keynote yesterday with Doug Mueller was amazing (see a still right here)


On Thursday morning, it's Award time!



Who was the Top Customer this past 12-month?

Well, he made 3600 points over the past year, mostly in AR System community, but contributes in many areas.

His community engagement has been terrific for years. Recently,

  • he was a volunteer for WWRUG
  • he helped us review "next gen" of BMC Communities. He cannot share details, even if you bribe him (and you can try in tonight's party). We'll unveil the new capabilities in the next weeks.


That's of course ... LJ LongWing!

Look at him on this vid.






The individual I'd like to recognize based on his community engagement has been a trainer for years. He used to work for BMC (and even Remedy BTW), and joined Effect Tech some years ago.

He's a recognized trainer.


His community engagement sure is done on his deep-expertise area, SLM, but goes far beyond, on many products of the Remedy ITSM Suite, and also components of The specified item was not found..

He engages in many ways, asking questions, answering questions from others, ans also proactively enabling the community. For example, he blog posted in SLM (see right here), and had 2300 views!


Ohh, and he's the proud owner of a Telsa.


This is ... Sydney Dent!







For the BMC side of the community, I'd like to recognize a team. Earlier this week, Christophe Bodin explained to the wwrug growd transformation that the full BMC Support team was doing, increasing it's efficiency and Experience for Customers. By shifting left and always trying to fix the root cause, his team definitely has a huge impact on Customer Satisfaction.

One of the key aspect of this strategy is community engagement.

  • in a very focused manner, answering questions in the public Products community, thus enabling hundreds of other users at each engagement
  • proactively enabling, by blog posting tips: see the Pulse program, or the Top KAs for example. All of these posts have hundreds of views. Several of them have thousands. And this one had 17k views last time I checked.
  • and more!

Mark Graham, AVP Customer Support, will be the one to receive the award, and share more about what Support does (and will do) for the Community.





Full PPT I used is right here.