The Community comes together

As Bill Emmett rightly puts in his blog post, The power of community, it is People that make all the difference.


We see the full phenomenon come to life with events like the wwrug13 happening right now with end users of a technology coming together from over the world, to enjoy themselves and their favorite technology. Remedy geeks and itsm gurus are having a beer together at the WWRUG13 conference happening at the Fairmont hotel, San Jose, California. This is a great example of how real, a tech-fraternity can get!


You can join too

Don't worry if you could not be in San Jose in-person, there's still a world of opportunities for you to tune in for all things Remedy:




Share examples, as comments on this blog post, where your excitement with a product/brand grew manyfold because of the feeling of a Community you felt being a part of, using it.

Join the Community today.

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