old-car-garage.pngThe life of a file

Do you have some old files with you, on your computer or some shared drive, that no one seems to care about?

Nowadays I do everything online, for e.g.

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But like you, I too have files all over my local machine, shared drives on the network or some hidden directory. Some that I had developed with some great enthusiasm, compiled with a lot of homework, some of them have even had some mileage over emails, some others could never see the light.

And with time we kind of loose track of them and they die, are not removed but remain mummified in their local confines.



The ^ life of a file

So if you believe there's still some miles on your file, this is how BMC Communities helps you get it on the road again.


1. Upload as a file

For your ppts and pdfs (or even Word docs) Upload it as a file and use the preview feature to show off to your Social group/community or even public. You'll be able to describe it with some intro text and viewers will have a cool inline browsing experience.


2. Include it in a Discussion

For technical discussions and product documentations you can Attach files, in your discussion replies. Just look out for the 'Advanced editor' text on your Reply editor and you'll be able to.

If you have lengthy log files, do not copy + paste them in your reply, rather attach the file in your reply.


System of engagement

What you just did is share your file with people (public/private) instead of having it locked away under a system of Record.

Your post will appear in the Activity stream of the Community/ Social group where more people are tuned in to and they'll be updated, even from their mobile devices. You'll have a url to share with more folks over emails/ IM conversations with anybody in the world.


Ready to revisit some old gems on your computer and give them a new life?