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One of the most anticipated features the new BMC Communities brought, aids us go email-less and really fast is the ability to point communicate with users Twitter style, on the Community directly by at_mentioning them on your content.


Mentioning people

Start by typing @ and then the person's name/username. Now with the huge userbase we have, sometimes you would be faced with the case of multiple people with the same name.

Here are a few tips to find the right person:amit-rajesth-at-mention.png

  1. Start with the most unique identifier. For e.g. if I want to @mention my friend Amit Rajesth I usually start out with his lastname, 'Rajesth', which is unique; Amit being a common firstname in India . Or use their Communities username.
  2. Continue typing user's firstname_lastname to narrow down the suggested choices. (with an underscore, as you can see in the Hint on the right screenshot)
  3. For people who only have a firstname, you can actually right-click the names  from the choices to open them in new tabs to see which 'Amit' you want to choose.
  4. If it is a guru who you've recently mentioned, guess what, it is probably already there on your list when you just type the @ symbol.

Tip: Conversely, for you to be easily found, please make sure your profile is complete with your first and lastname.


Content and Places

In the same way you can include Content, Community or a Group directly on your content without having to select and hyperlink your text using the editor. As the system suggests you (in the screenshot above) type the space name or Title of the content and join multiple words using an underscore. Very useful for content curation.



Hope this tip help you locate the right people every time and include the content and places that would matter the most in your Discussions, Documents or blog posts. For more tips, make sure you follow Using Communities.