walk.pngMy last week's tip was definitely about Running on BMC Communities. It's good to explore such cool capabilities, but before we got there,

like the saying goes:

We must learn to walk before we can run.


Learning to walk

Here's a set of 5 simple steps that gets you started with taking your first steps on the platform.

  1. Complete your profile - A community is about people and connections, present yourself right.
  2. Search before asking - The answer might already be out there; you could save on time.
  3. Find the right experts - If you need to ask the experts, you gotta ask where they are.
  4. Familiarize yourself - Take a tour of basic features and also get your first points.
  5. Remember password - Don't have to worry about your credentials for your next login.


So whether you are new to BMC Communities, or an advanced user already running on the system, you might like to check back on the above list to ensure that you have firm grounding of your every step.