What business wants?

Among other things the business really wants to know the Impact and Effort involved for the set of items you present. Before we delved into all the details, at the requirement-gathering phase, it may be good to summarize your case based on the basic business wants:


  1. Think about the high level categorization to represet your requirement/proposal items
  2. Create a document with a table of items according to business priority
  3. Try the sorting magic to make your data talk on the very document your are presenting:
      • Without a clunky spreadsheet as an attachment
      • Having to maintain and email versions
      • Enable feedback and edits on the very document from the team

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For e.g. this is my proposed methodology for our next project - You can Click on the header items to sort my Proposals according to 'Biz value' and 'Ask' below


ProposalBiz valueShift in thinking
1. Collaborative authoring - One living document (and no attachments)HighMed
2. Social inbox - Inbox on the cloud & for your mobileMedHigh
3. Social project cycle - Collab & team-buildingHighHigh
4. Having fun - Geeky need not be boring!?HighLow
5. Fully mobile - Designing for the mobile workforceMedHigh


Do you have what you need?

Do you think you'll use this online-collab approach for your next deliverable or use a xls spreadsheet on your laptop, a shared drive, or keep printouts inside your drawer?


We'd love to know how you may like to use tables to sort and present your data - Please comment on the post to share your ideas.