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End of month is approaching fast.

I'll post today so that you all have it before going on week-end.



The individual to award this month is Dan Bontrager, who has been very active lately in BMC Helix Remedyforce community, interacting with other members, and also posting ideas (see more explanations on ideas here) to share his feedback on how to improve experience with this product.

Thanks Dan for your engagement!



This month, the partner to award was spotted by Karl Miller (great Product Manager at BMC, awarded last month)


Sylvain YVON made it in the Top 10 recently (400+ points in the past 3 months), with great activity in many areas:

  • several Products Communities (mostly Remedy ITSM and The specified item was not found. worlds)
  • French User Group
  • and even private+secret groups (he happens to be part of), helping out behind the scene a very healthy community


Sylvain works for CapGemini, has in-depth experience with BMC Products since 1998.

His most successful post is AR System Web Services Best Practices, with 6600+ views

Sylvain, continue to lead by example, many community users learn from you every day!



I had a tough choice to make to award someone from BMC this month.

So I decided to make a collective kudo!

You probably saw the Terms and Conditions Update (and re-accepted them). The team behind this change is:

Why was it so important?

Because making the Terms more opened allowed more sharing, more win-win between the community members, for example:

And you can expect far more in the future, from BMC, but also from Partners and Customers!