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nasa ground control monitor.jpgWhen is the last time you checked your email for what happens on your Facebook news feed? Sounds crazy, right?

On the Social web we have our eyes and ears on the platform itself, right? If we don't need an email headsup for what happens on Facebook, like some kind of ground control picking up what is happening miles away.


We want to see the action and participate real time!

Appollo13 Mission Control


Communities Mission control Recent-activity-widget.png

Whatever happens on the Community, stays on the Recent Activity stream. So right from the Recent Activity stream


  1. Start interacting: Like, Reply to the threads right without having to go on the actual discussion. There need not be separate Watch and Act phases.
  2. Adjust your View: Choose to Show more/less.


Interact on the go


So enjoy the 24x7 coverage on your favorite Community - Keep the momentum by having far less taps/clicks, staying on one system and interacting from anywhere.