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1. Search anything

Finding information on Communities is just 1-Search-away. So that is really the first step to get to the right Community, people, content.


2. Find an expert

....And there might not be the exact answer to what you want, in that case you need to ask. One of the keys to success with your quest in both accuracy and how fast you get there is by choosing your audience well.


There are 2 routes you could take:

1. Get to the right Community and then ask: Go to the right product Community and then Start a Discussion. It is easy to see the exact Product to start from the top navigation menu.




2. Draft your Question first and then get to the right Community/ group room to ask: Start from the Create button > Discussion (or Document) right underneath the top nav and then choose the right Place (Community/Social group) to submit.

    BMC usergroup photo on flickr by HDIPhilly


Let's say for eg, I want to interact on BMC Remedy, I type out my question and I just type 'Remedy' and get suggested:

  • the Remedy ITSM community which is the place I should ask if I have a technical query, or
  • choose the local user group (I'm already a member of) if I want to find out what is happening in my region.
That way you'll be notifying the Remedy leaderboard are the most important people you want to engage on your Content And trust me, are constantly listening in.

3. Oops, my last discussion is in a wrong place

No problem. Move your content (Actions widget on the right > Move) it to the the right place. Use the same recommender service as Step2 and choose the right forum (does not matter if you don't know exactly what it is called).


Again - you'll increase your chances of getting your answers faster, better.