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Since we re-launched mid-April (with Mobile, Streams and more), BMC Communities usage has shifted a lot, with far quicker interactions using these 2 capabilities.

See for example Mike Faiella going social at full steam (and dumping email)


We actually began slow with Streams, and will apply a patch in the next hours, to help you go further.

It will update the Connections Streams (that was created automatically for you 6 weeks ago), and create a new Stream.



Your Top 2 streams, soon


Deep Dive in the updated/new Streams


Connections StreamEmail Watches

All the users you follow currently appear in this stream.


The new thing (with the patch in 9 hours or so) is that all the users you used to be friend with will now appear.

Yes, they will automagically appear in this stream.



  • you've grown a network of friends these past months/years, they'll now be one-click away
  • in Mobile view, the Followed tab (first one) displays activity in this very stream, so a very quick way to follow them

This brand new stream will be created for you.


All the users (and communities/groups) you used to set email notification on will now appear in this Stream.


Benefit: all the users, communities and groups (that you flagged in the past to be notified about) will now be one-click-away for you


Heads-up: since email notification is switched On by default for this Stream (hence the name), you will receive many emails. You may want to Edit Stream, and switch notifications Off.


OK, what do I do now?

For Connections Stream, just enjoy activity from new users who will appear.


In order to transition users (or places) from the old Email Watches to the new (very flexible) Stream paradigm, you can Edit this Stream, and by clicking on the zig-zag icon:


Used to follow too many people and places?

Check Inbox (or other stream), then uncheck from Email watches


More background:

  • before mid-April, friend was a bi-directional link, with approval (Facebook style)
  • we changed it to a far more natural paradigm for a Community, a one-way follow concept (without approval, Twitter-like)



Enjoy quicker/more efficient collaboration!


And thanks a lot to the tech experts who were able to design these improvements in Streams.

Let's not miss anything, be far more productive, and (optionally) stop stuffing Outlook Inbox.