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Do you worry about not being able to keep on track with everything that is happening on BMC Communities? Do you feel that there is a lot of  noise that you could some how filter out to just get to the meat of your business?


Content Content Content

If your job needs you to be on top of technical discussions or what is going on at an event near you and you typically start by querying your emails trying to sort and filter your notifications first, and then jump to the content on the web, whatever your need be - This is the solution.


My BMC Community > Inbox


5 reasons why you'll love it

  1. Outlook lovers: The history of what matters to you on Communities. Enjoy Outlook like experience being able to view Unread only, Mark an item when Read.
  2. Social capabilities: Filter items where you were directly at_mentioned, your Messages and stuff that were Shared to you or Filter items from a particular user.
  3. Enjoy the full preview and interact from the same page and on the same platform.
  4. Easy maintenance: Mouse over a person to include them in your Inbox or in another stream. If you've yet set up streams, you have the Inbox to start and you can keep it updated daily.
  5. Stay connected: Whether you are on your computer or online from mobile, stay connected on stuff that matters, content you've contributed recently or Likes on your activity from anywhere.


One stop shop

Increase your productivity by staying on top of Communities, with far less clicks/taps and without having to bury yourself in emails or jump  between other systems to monitor.


So next time you want to Follow a Community, a person, be active on a Beta program or get notified about changes on a document, follow it in your Inbox.


When you have Inbox set up we'll be bringing you more cool tips on Streams closer to usecases in your day right here in Using Communities. Let us know what some of them are as a Comment on this post and we'll see how to get them covered