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I don't know for you, but I am more and more mobile.

Or I'm as mobile as before, but I get a lot more things done while being mobile (email, IM, social platforms, Evernote, etc.)


Some weeks ago, we upgraded BMC Communities, adding many new Web features and also Mobile Access.


The Mobile capabilities have been documented by top users.

My goal here is to make a summary,


Mobile, Natively

You have nothing to perform in order to enjoy a mobile-friendly view, just open any BMC Communities URL in your iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone (yeah, we're that flexible), and the browser will automagically display a mobile-friendly view (where you don't need to pinch and zoom) to be able to enjoy and interact.


Android Web view that Jason Miller uploaded, mobile-friendly


If you launch BMC Communities from a browser of a tablet (iPad or Android), you'll get the usual Web view.

Some advanced Web capabilities may not work, because the browsers are limited on these devices.


Even better, with Apps!

For a couple of mobile OSes, some apps exist. You can download "Jive" apps for Android and also for iOS

The smartphone views look like the Web view, with focused tabs, from right to left:

  • Inbox: where you're notified of important stuff
  • All Activity: everything happening on BMC Communities, in all the communities and groups
  • Followed: activity in my "Connections Streams" (where I tend to group all the people I interact with, and all the communities or groups I use regularly)

The Apps also allow to search (top right magnifying glass), and to post (create a discussion, or post a status update).

BTW, when posting, you can @mention users, great way to ping them.


Compared to the browser view (that is great for casual users), the native Apps are much faster.


What's next?

For iPad users, there is an optimized version. Still in Beta, but definitely worth having a look.


Awesome iPad App (still in Beta)


With the iPad app, there are additional capabilities that are very useful:

  1. Create a document
  2. Edit a document, or even a blog (yes, rich text format-ready!)
  3. @mention users and also content (discussion, blog, document) and places (communities, groups)
  4. Flag as Helpful/Correct
  5. And much more!



Haven't tried them yet? Give them a look!

Tested them already? Please give feedback as Comments