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BMC Communities is explored everyday by a myriad of different people.



From a fresh graduate looking for a job to an executive buyer, from a Digital native to someone who's never left their emails, from an experienced Communities manager to someone who has just signed up; the diversity in the background of people adds to the diversity in people's experiences interacting with the platform.


We have introduced the Get Started widget to help you along your quest of familiarizing yourself with the ABC of the new interface, wherever you are in the spectrum. Infact if I've ordered Setting up your streams as Step1, this could actually be Step0

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Login, and from the dark blue bar under the top navigation go to My BMC Community > Get Started


See my first take on this new guide.


And just like me chug along to reach getting-started.png and you'll be amazed to see how much more comfortable you'll feel with the new Communities.