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Ok, agreed, we have a a lot happening on BMC Communities and it could feel like a tizzy place to some - well it's calm compared to Twitter


Like a summary?

But even Twitter sends you a Digest. If you need a recap on BMC Communities, like the key take-aways from People, content and other activities you'd really want to be updated about, but not necessarily real time, at your leisure.


Or if you check Communities just a couple of times a day, the Digest email could help you not miss out on Activities from others and stats on activity and content that you created.


For each day, week...?

You are already set up to receive digests, set your frequency or even Unscribe from your Email Notifications page. Follow call out beside your username > Preferences


And save your new preferences. Then, watch out for the 'BMC Communities updates' emails in your inbox.


Real-time updates on email?

Sure. Should you want an email notification every time a person interacts, or an activity update on a Community/ group you cannot miss, you can set up granular email notifications - see it demoed.