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The new BMC Communities launched on April 20 is significantly different in user experience that what we were last month, as many of you have felt. So, let us understand this change.

Step 1: Set up your Streams

The way we consumed content has become from receiving emails to Streams, Social style on the platform itself. This is a new way of grouping content streams and updates under watches you create - the Google Plus experience if you will.


Starting from the My BMC Community under the top navigation, in this video Matt and I demo this Step 1. Don't forget to be logged in in order to create Streams.



Also in the video Matt shows us how you can be fully mobile with this capability, not having to use emails at all!


Cool, but I still want emails?

We have not forgotten emails (1:49m in the video) we can set up notifications over emails on each Stream.

In fact in my next tip, let us talk about a great Use Case for Updates over emails. Any guesses?